Sunday, September 1, 2013

Armed Cops Storm Home-Schooling Family

They stormed this home with guns drawn to take the children from the home. This happened in Germany, but you can bet Obama and all the other liberals are watching, planning on one day doing the same here. They don’t want kids to be schooled where they can’t control what they’re taught so they can teach them their liberal crap. They’re already trying to make homeschooling grounds for taking children from their parents, and this is the logical progression.

NOBEL PRIZE WORTH NOTHING: The Nobel Prize used to be worth something; only the finest people in any given area could get one. NO more; they gave one to Obama shortly after he conned his way into the presidency—for what? For nothing; for what he MIGHT do as the “first black president of the United States.” What a fool notion! Albert Einstein got one and he EARNED it. Linus Paulding did too, and HE earned it. Then they started giving them for political reasons to people like Kofi Anan, UN boss, Al Gore, global warming swindler, and Barack Obama, pretender president. Now it’s worth NOTHING except a few bucks in their pockets.

NO LAWS BROKEN--COPS ARREST PEOPLE: In Texas, they sponsored a LEGAL demonstration where people were allowed to LEGALLY bring a “long gun” to the Starbucks location. Cops (San Antonio chief William McManus), however, said if ANYBODY “feels threatened,” his cops will arrest people for “disorderly conduct,” a well-known subjective “catchall charge” used to detain people when no laws are broken (except maybe "contempt for cop"), and which can be triggered by anybody’s OPINION.. They have already arrested the organizers of the demonstration. Looks like “police state action” to me.

LIFE MEANS NOTHING TO SOME PEOPLE: In this case, 16-year-old black teenager Mychal King was having a “tough day” and he wanted to kill the first person he saw. The first person he saw was 22-year-old Jason Paul who was riding his bike past, minding his own business. There was no robbery, no argument. Mychal just stabbed Paul three times and killed him. NO guns involved, so the media can’t advance their agenda against guns. Just a vile act by a black boy against a white man. But of course, I’m a racist for pointing out the truth, aren’t I?

AGAIN, LIFE MEANS NOTHING: Black youth DeMarquise Elkins (what a damned name!), who was 17 when this crime occurred, shot and killed an INFANT baby right in front of the baby's mom in Brunswick, Georgia. What motivated this “innocent teenager” to do this heinous crime? He wanted to rob the baby’s mother. When she refused to “turn it over,” he shot the baby between the eyes. He tried to turn it around in court and  blame the baby’s parents, but that didn’t work. Since he was only 17 when he callously murdered this infant, he can’t be put to death for it. Pity. But if he gets life without parole as he should, that’ll be a long life at the mercy of sex-starved older and bigger prisoners.

IS OBAMA IMPEACHABLE?  World Net Daily is asking that question and the answer is a resounding YES. But is there ANYBODY in Washington with the gonads to do anything about it? I don’t THINK so. Not even Newt Gingrich, who TALKS a good game, but DOES nothing. There are others who do the same, and I don’t expect any action out of them, either. So Obama will go right on violating the Constitution at will and committing crimes by selectively enforcing or not enforcing laws as it suits him.

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