Friday, September 13, 2013

IQ Linked to Lower Incomes

A “study” has come out linking lower IQ to people with lower incomes, saying the lower income is the reason for the lower IQs. I think it’s the other way around. People of lower IQ will ALWAYS have a lower income than those with higher IQ. But don’t tell that to liberals; they’re not listening to logic. In act, they’re so stupid they don’t even think logic exists. And they think there are no absolutes (absolutely)!

DON’T DO WHAT WE DO: That’s what liberals tell you. They tell you not to mention it if you think somebody is fat; then they start sending “fat letters” home, telling parents their children are fat, based on their “body mass index” (BMI). Where the hell do these fools get off? If my child is overweight I certainly know it without the school “authorities” telling me and insulting my child before the world. I can make that problem go away without hurting my child’s feelings. They can’t. They should take their noses OUT of my family’s business.

FAT? OR STARVING? Schools are sending “fat letters” to parents while at the same time the government is feeding children both breakfast AND lunch at school, for FREE, regardless of need. It’s a typical action of those who think like socialists: give things away, (as long as somebody else is paying for it) without regard to “need.” Just give it. Meanwhile, old and handicapped people who cannot work get nothing because they’ve already spent all the money.

“THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR”: Remember the old Andy Williams song, “Christmas Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?” It’s “Christmas time” all year long to socialist-leaning politicians in Washington. What they do best is give things away, regardless of “need” as long as it’s not THEIR money they’re spending. It’s yours. Until they run out of your money and can’t afford to do anything for people who, through no fault of their own, REALLY need help. Of course, “running out” is only in their minds because their next action is to give something away to people (in foreign countries) who don’t really need it (and they create money out of thin air).

OBAMA LIES WHEN WE KNOW HE’S LYING: And when he knows we know he’s lying. He doesn’t care. He goes on television and says he “didn’t draw a red line for Syria” when he KNOWS we have him in video saying it. But he hopes we’ll forget that. We won’t, and he’s going to suffer for it if somebody grows a pair and calls him on it. So far, nobody has. If not, he doesn't care.

FAILURE EVERYWHERE: Cities and other governments are failing everywhere we look. But nobody seems to understand why. It’s because of the INCOMPETENCE of those RUNNING the government. And in just about every case those incompetent politicians are DEMOCRATS (or liberals). But nobody puts it together, not even when intelligent people tell them. Libs run Chicago and it’s going to hell in a handbasket. Same with Detroit. They need to WAKE UP!

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