Friday, September 6, 2013

Replacing One Dictator With Another

If we help to topple one dictator so another dictator can take over, how are we helping ourselves? Or anybody? Especially if the new dictator is an Islamic extremist? Looks like we’re helping Islam slowly take over the world, one country at a time. How can our politicians not know this? In Obama’s case it isn’t that he doesn’t KNOW it—it’s what he WANTS. The Islamic extremists he’s helping are his friends. He might not BE a Muslim extremist, but he’s certainly a sympathizer and he has shown that clearly by his actions and decisions any time Muslim interests are at stake.

IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES: Obama has committed more than one “impeachable offense,” but nobody seems to be doing anything REAL about it. One congressman has filed “articles of impeachment,” but not enough members of Congress are expected to vote for it to make it into anything important. Why is that? Are they frightened at what Obama might do to them if they “sign on?” Obama DOES “know where All the bodies are buried” and, like Bill Clinton, probably buried a few himself. But as long as nobody does anything real about him, he will continue to get away with literal murder.

“DESTROYING McDONALD’S” Somebody’s out to destroy McDonald’s. Their “strike” flopped, so now they’re threatening to contaminate McDonald’s food, which will inevitably cause customers to abandon McDonald’s, which will cause them to ultimately go out of business and those employees to become unemployed; all at once. I don’t think it’s McDonald’s employees threatening this—I think it’s members of the Service Employees International Union making these threats. They have a history of underhanded tactics. Unions ran Hostess Bakeries (Twinkies) out of business with their impossible demands and put hundreds of people out of work. Now they’re after McDonald’s.

ARGUMENT DOESN’T HOLD WATER: Liberals say requiring photo ID to vote is to deny poor people the right to vote. That argument just doesn’t hold water in a world where you need to have a photo ID to BUY NAIL POLISH REMOVER. You have to have photo ID to do so many things, I can’t even count them let alone mention them all. Almost EVERY American citizen has one or MORE photo IDs. You have to show photo ID to get WELFARE! And that involves the poorest people! But not to vote for the people who make our laws. What a damn fool joke that is!

WHAT ARE WE THINKING? There are Muslim extremists all over the world wanting (and trying hard) to kill us because we don’t believe the exact same way they do, and we’re spending a lot of time and money wondering if two men or two women can “marry” each other. What the hell’s WRONG with us? Don’t we know what’s realty important? Yes, even gays should be able to inherit from each other if they want to, but call it MARRIAGE? Not even! They can call it anything they want, BUT marriage—and that’s what they’re holding out for.

IS IT FAT? OR STARVATION? Liberals are whining all over about childhood obesity; when they’re not whining a bout childhood starvation. Which is it? Fat or starvation? Make up your minds what swindle you want to work. It’s just like the weather. One group wines about “global warming” while another worries about “the coming ice age.” Is there no end to the swindles the liberals want to run on us to con us out of more and more money and more and more of our rights?

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