Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Health Insurance Prices Up

Since Obama’s health care swindle law passed, health care premiums have gone up by $1.975. That’s almost $2.00 and that’s before his health care swindle law is even fully implemented. He SAID your premiums would go DOWN. But then, anybody who knows Obama knew he was LYING. He lies about EVERYTHING. If he wasn’t lying, we’d be surprised.

“SMALL MAN SYNDROME”: Watching Obama and Russia’s Premier meeting, you note the significant height difference. So you wonder: is Putin suffering from “small man syndrome?” Is he harder to get along with because his power as Russian premier and before that, head of their secret police makes him more powerful than he could hope to be as a small man? This is nothing against small men, just an observation.

PUTIN CALLS KERRY LIAR: So what else is new. Kerry lies all the time. Maybe not as much as Obama, but he’s just a politician. He’s not used to the level of lying required of an Obama employee. He'll get better at it. But Putin calling Kerry a liar? Not news. He’s just calling attention to a specific Kerry lie. That’s not news. We all know about it without his input.

“OBAMA’S PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY”: In Tucumcari, NM, a man(who won’t give his name) put up an outhouse with a sign over it saying, “Obama’s Presidential Library” and is getting a lot of comments, much of it derogatory. The mayor of Tucumcari says, We’re checking to see if it meets code. But we can’t control what people say.” One wag said, “It’s an insult to outhouses everywhere.” My question is, “What if it said, ‘Bush’s Presidential Library?” Would so many people be mad about that? Probably not. Democrats did such a good job of demonizing him nobody would even notice.

“JOB GROWTH” A MYTH: Obama’s fools tout recent “job growth” as the numbers seem to show it. But they don’t; they only show what SEEMS to be “job growth” as more and more people just GIVE UP on ever getting a job so long as Obama’s policies are in force. Obama has done more to stifle job growth than has any president in memory. He is the ENEMY of America with his support for Islamic terrorists everywhere that is shown vividly by his sending $500 million dollars to the enemies of our only ally in the Middle East. Supporting Palestinians like that is an INSULT to Israel and should make them snub us.

EU TO LIMIT SPEED? The EU bureaucrats want to create a satellite-controlled sensor that would not allow a driver to exceed 70 MPH in ANY situation including speeding up to complete a pass if you were looking at a head-on collision while passing somebody. They would not only mandate its installation in new cars, but would also FORCE people to install it (at their own expense, of course) in older cars. This is the kind of “Big Brother” legislation you can expect in a socialist government, which FORCES people to do what the bureaucrats dictate. “Eeewww!”

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