Monday, September 16, 2013

Obama Hates It

Fracking is causing a boom in jobs. So Obama hates it and is trying to shut it down. Obama tries to shut down EVERYTHING that promises to create more jobs. He WANTS more and more people to be unemployed and there to be NO booms in private business. Such things make a mockery of his efforts to make this into a socialist nation and he will fight that to the death. Like he will never do to militant Islamic terrorism.

WHAT LIBERALS BELIEVE: “Liberals believe the Constitution gives citizens the right to an abortion, even though the Constitution says nothing about it; but they don’t think the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, even though it says so explicitly. Bottom line: liberals don’t actually believe in the Constitution at all. They just want to impose their will on everyone else.” This comes from the Twitter feed of Bert Bartlett and is copyrighted by Dixon Diaz. I tried to copy it as a photo but couldn’t. But it was too good not to repeat so here it is.

LOIS LERNER REPLACED: She has been replaced as the boss of the department she headed when she started holding up he applications for tax-free status for conservative organizations, while asking them all kinds of inane questions, some of them unanswerable and demanding information the IRS had no right to know. She is, however, still employed by the IRS and will probably (quietly) get a new “plum post” at a big pay raise, somewhere else in the IRS bureaucracy.

THE NEWS IS SILENT: The motorcycle “invasion” of Washington, DC was 55 riders long, and 4 lanes across while the Muslim “invasion” consisted of a few hundred Muslims and their demonstration was dwarfed by the motorcycles (Will they holler at me for using the word “dwarfed?” Like I care.). Yet the liberal “mainstream” media has completely ignored it. Even Fox hasn’t made much of it, although they HAVE covered it. Only the “alternative media” has really covered it, so Obama can still call it a “right-wing demonstration” and put it down. But it will be hard for him to muzzle so many people.

COLORADO FLOODS: Some of you who know I live in Colorado wonder if I’m “high and dry” or if I’m “Drowned out. The word is “high and dry.” Apparently I’m too far away from the flooding streams. We haven’t even had a power outage where I live. So it’s “business as usual.” I have my own personal disaster to contend with, however. Due to an unexpected repair bill for my car, as of today I’m flat broke until the first of the month. From what I can see there will BE no money for me until then. I hope I make it. This is NOT a plea for money. I’ll make it some way. This is only temporary.

A “LOSE-LOSE PROPOSITION”: That’s what we have in Syria. We want get rid of Bashir (Basher) ASSad, but what will replace him after he’s gone? An Islamic regime? This is the problem that faces us in many places in the world, and is the chief reason we should just mind our own business and stay out of fights between different kinds of Muslims. Now “Obama the stupid” wants us to fight ON THE SIDE of al-Qaida terrorists in Syria. How stupid IS this president?

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