Friday, September 27, 2013

Arms to Terrorists?

I can’t be sure of this, but it seems the reason the ambassador in Benghazi is dead is because he was asking about the intelligence he had received that Obama was shipping arms to the ENEMY, al-Qaida. Now why would Obama be doing that unless he was a FRIEND to the Islamic terrorists? Other evidence suggests he is. Just watch what he DOES and what he SAYS. Every decision he makes that involves them is FOR them. That tells me a lot.

EPA: LIMITING COAL WON’T DO ANYTHING: Yet Obama still wants to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Why? Because he personally has an unreasoning HATRED for the coal industry. Forget that bankrupting the coal industry will also destroy the ENERGY industry, which depends on the coal industry to make power. He doesn’t care about that. Like most liberals he figures we’ll “come up with something” to make it all okay and will blame somebody else if we can’t. This man is a damned fool and we need to GET RID OF HIM! Anybody that stupid has no right to be in the presidency. That’s aside from his wish to make this into a socialist nation.

DOING IT TO THEMSELVES: I often wonder about the intelligence of the average person. The Germans voted Hitler into power; the Russians voted LENIN into power; the Cubans likewise with Castro, and the same in many other countries now run by bloody dictators. We (not me) voted Obama into power TWICE. Many ignorant Americans STILL think he is “doing a good job.” Are they blind? Or just stupid? Most of them, like most liberals, will not argue the facts. They just call you names and walk away if you try and convince them of the truth.

ARE THEY STUPID, OR WHAT? As in the above item, I can’t believe there are so many stupid people in countries run by Islam. Why there are so many men WILLING to “die for Islam.” So many WOMEN willing to die for a regime that views them as “chattel slaves.” Maybe the fact that Muslim men fight so hard to keep their women IGNORANT has something to do with it. If you don’t know what people are doing to you, you can’t rebel.

WE’RE BEING RUN BY TORIES: The “Tories” were the ones who wanted to remain under the Crown of England. Today, the same kind of people are now running this government. They say people who want a RETURN to limited government, low taxes, and the government OUT of our personal lives are “extremists” and “terrorists.” If you don’t agree with their “big government,” high tax, total control ways, you’re their “enemy.” Okay, I’ll buy that. They ARE my enemy. And I will treat them that way.

RACISM STILL AROUND: One professor said that just as many white people are still racist as before. Where does he get this? Nowhere. Like most liberal fools, he makes blatant false statements without even bothering to offer any proof. But what’s really happening is that BLACK racism against whites is on the increase, promoted by Barack Obama for his own purposes.

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