Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Big Brother" On Tatoos

You’re apparently not smart enough to know better than to get a tattoo, so “Big Brother” is going to make the decision for you. At least, they are considering making a law to impose (operative word, “impose”) a ”waiting period” so you can’t get one when you’re drunk in DC. Typical liberal notion: you aren’t smart enough to make decisions for yourself, so they’ll make it for you. Admittedly, getting a tattoo isn’t the smartest thing to do. But where does the government get off taking that decision away from adult human beings?

RENAMING IT MAKES IT RIGHT: Brooke McEldowney, writer and artist in the very different comic strip, “Pibgorn,” was absolutely right when she (I think, she) wrote about the simple mechanism of not calling it war when a president decides, on his own, to send young boys into battle to support his (that president’s) whims. The Constitution clearly states that he MUST get Congressional approval to go to war.” But to call it something else such as a “focused military action” makes it okay without it. Typical liberal circumlocution and “snake oil.

Leave it to the Muslims to have a “March on Washington” on the very day in history that makes us hate everything that is Muslim. “In Your Face” actions are something they enjoy. Else why would they try to build a mosque on the very place where Muslim extremists MURDERED 3,000 innocent Americans, the old World Trade Center and have a "March" on that very day, too? That is the site of the biggest success for Muslim extremists in the United States (albeit an accidental success). And they wonder why Americans don’t like Muslims!

THE VERY IDEA IS RACIST: “Authorities” at a black charter school in Oklahoma told a girl to “get rid of her dreadlocks” at this black charter school and were accused of racism for it. Maybe that’s racist, maybe not—but the entire idea of a BLACK charter school IS racist. People allow there to be black only schools, but call it racist if somebody starts a WHITE only school. What’s the difference? Limiting a school’s students to one race OR the other is EQUALLY racist, be they black OR white.

UNFORSEEN CONSEQUENCES: Obama “shot himself in the foot” when he cut many billions of dollars from the military budget because, even if Congress approves his plans to bomb Syria, there isn’t enough money in the budget to do it. Likewise, Michelle’s “school lunch program” is in trouble because the kids refuse to eat the food she dictated they feed them, saying, “It tastes like vomit.” Kids can be VERY descriptive.

OBAMA’S PRIORITIES: He wants to bomb Syria to “protect” Muslims. But he has said or done NOTHING to protect Christians, who Muslims are MURDERING every day in Syria. The very people he wants to “protect” are MURDERING Christians every day. I question Obama’s priorities when I hear about this. But do Washington politicians? Every time a question comes up between Christians AND Muslims, guess who he “rules” in favor of? Muslims, every time! The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a “terrorist organization” in Egypt, but Obama has PRAISED them! What kind of a FOOL is he?

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