Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lyndon Johnson All Over Again

Lyndon Johnson ran an ad during one election cycle saying, “If you elect Goldwater we’ll be fully involved in Viet Nam in six months.” So we elected Kennedy and we were fully involved in Viet Nam in six months. Obama said “If you elect Romney, we’ll soon be at war with Syria.” So we elected Obama and now he’s trying HARD to get Congressional permission to bomb Syria. Will we ever “Tumble” to Democrat scams?

TOPLESS WOMEN PROTEST: Looks like some guy who loves hot women (who doesn’t?) has come up with a good idea. He has conned women to go topless to demonstrate and protest one thing or another so he can watch them run around without bras and “groove” on them. I wish I’d had an idea like that when I was young. Sheesh!

IS TUNISIA NEXT? An opposition politician was assassinated (probably at the orders of the president, or whatever their dictator is called) and now people are protesting the Islamist government. Is there no end to the fights between Islamist extremists and others, INCLUDING other Islamists? Even when they ARE in control? Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, why can’t these people get along? They will fight at the drop of a hat; and sometimes they even drop the hat. They fight us, and then they fight each other; often at the same time. Do they know anything but war?

HE SHOULD SAY, “I RESIGN”: Fox News asks the question, “What should Obama say to the American people? He should say, “I resign” and slink back to Chicago with his tail between his legs. He has failed economically and in every other way possible, maybe with the exception of moving us ever closer to socialism. Since that is his main purpose, may be you could say he is succeeding. If he succeeds at that, we’re doomed.

THE WORLD IS COMING APART: And what are we talking about? Anthony Weiner’s wiener! Obama is very good at diverting our attention from his crimes. What are we talking about? Not Obama’s crimes; we’re talking about Anthony Weiner’s wiener. Obama snaps his fingers and we (not me) “lean in” and savor the image. Then there’s Mylie Curus and her wiggling her butt. When are we going to learn to ignore these extraneous stories while Obama rapes us and concentrate on what’s important?

INJECTING POLITICS INTO COMICS:  More misdirection: Some people want to teach our children that being gay is “mainstream” and okay. It’s not; it is a perversion of what sex is supposed to be (I’ll get a lot of mail for that). But if they enjoy it, that’s okay with me. But it’s NOT okay to teach that to my kids at a time when they don’t know any better, as certain writers want to do by making Batwoman (or is it “Catwoman?”) into a lesbian. The publishers refused (rightly) and the writers walked. Probably to the nearest bedroom. Good riddance.

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