Saturday, August 31, 2013

Typical Obama

If you don’t like a law, just ignore it. Law says that before you attack a foreign country you must go to Congress for either a Declaration of War or some other permission to attack. Obama does not recognize Congress’s right to GIVE him permission to do ANYTHING, regardless of the law. He wants to send missiles into Syria, so he’s going to do it. The law be damned. Obama needs to be not only impeached, he needs to go to prison!

BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE INCREASES: Encouraged by the pronouncements of Barack Obama. The way things are going, if he wants a “race war” (and he does) he will soon have one. If a black person (or a white person) attacks me, there WILL be war—on him (or her). ANYBODY who presumes to attack me will suffer. Black or white.

IRAN WARNS US: They say if we attack Syria, it is just like attacking them, and they will respond. What are they going to do? Take a knife to a gun fight? They aren’t big enough to threaten the United States. Do they want to die? If they attack us, or any of our installations, unlike in Benghazi, we will “take them out.” Unless Obama “chickens out” (again).

CAN’T BAN GUNS SO TAX ‘EM TO DEATH: Congressmen want to tax firearms 20%, and ammunition 50%. They think this will eliminate “the gun problem.” It won’t. It will merely create a “black market” in guns and particularly ammunition. What kind of fools are these people? They’re typical politician fools who do what they can to “get around” the Constitution and do what they want, regardless. Send ‘em all home with their tails between their legs.

That’s right. The Muslims have put out a new fatwa: You can’t kill “believer lice” in Muslim’s beards (how do you know if they’re “believers?”), but killing Christians and beheading them is okay. What kind of vermin ARE these people, anyway? I think there ARE no “moderate Muslims.” I ‘m beginning to think they ALL believe in such things but some are afraid to say so in public.

We’ve always had the right to refuse service to ANYBODY, for any reason, or NO reason. That’s one of the basic rights we have had. But no more; the court has told a photographer he (she) has no right to refuse to photograph a wedding between two people of the same sex. That court is WRONG. If I were that photographer, I would close my doors and stop accepting ANY business until this fool order passes.

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