Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Politics Is (Are) Phony

Not just in the United States, but all over the world. It becomes obvious when you see the picture of the Israeli leader shaking hands and smiling with the leader of the Palestinians, who are killing Israelis every day. If anybody believes this means they will EVER agree on anything, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to them about. Damn, there are sure a lot of STUPID people in this world! And some of them are our top politicians!

ONLY THE RIGHT: Liberals the world over are telling us we “need to tone down our rhetoric.” But nobody's telling Quinton Tarantino to “tone down his rhetoric” as he goes around saying “cops are killers,” getting cops killed. But nobody notices this. They're trying to eliminate criticism of their crimes by attacking the people who tell about them. Just as the “politically incorrect” pushers are trying to stop ALL criticism of liberal crimes.

680,000 MUSLIMS HEADED HERE: This is official. Obama and his accomplices have approved 680,000 Muslims, many of them Muslim terrorists, moving here. Many will make as much trouble for us as they can by being “offended” by our practices and suing us for that, even if they aren't Muslim killers. Meanwhile, they will continue to screw little boys and girls (hopefully keeping that disgusting practice among themselves), since that is a “cultural thing” with them, while killing their daughters for being seen with the wrong man.

ALL LIVES MATTER”: Colorado police destroyed the fools who said the only reason the Colorado Springs shooter is still alive is because he's white, with three words: “All lives matter.” We're about SAVING lives, not taking them, which those “race-baiting, ignorant fools” will never understand. Some fools will ALWAYS try and impute impure motives to some of the damnedest things!

ENVIRONMENTAL DAMFOOLS! The CIA thinks we shouldn't bomb certain targets because it would “harm the environment.” So what? Do they really think the terrorists are worried about that? In reality, if we actually bombed or didn't bomb because of that, guess where they would base their most important installations? Damn! What stupidity!

WHY SO MANY WORLD LEADERS? Why does “climate change” attract to many “world leaders?” That''s a question that should be asked as the “leaders” of 150 countries gather in Paris for the “Climate Change Summit,” one of the names it uses. Like Islamic terrorists, this conference has many names. The answer is simple. It's a swindle that gives them more power and the ability to collect even more taxes. Just like with Obama.

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