Friday, December 18, 2015

Still Using That Crap

A newspaper (whose name I will not mention to avoid embarrassing them) the other day AGAIN published a piece citing that damned fool “Hands Up, Don't Shoot” cry from Ferguson, MO, that has been so roundly DISCREDITED that even a five-year-old child knows better. They KNOW it is a lie, yet they push it, anyway. What the hell is WRONG with these people? Do they really think we're ALL stupid? This is a testament to the BIAS of the liberal media. They don't care that it's a LIE, they push it, anyway.

TOO MUCH ARGUING”: One politician asked his daughter what she didn't like about politics and she quickly answered: “There's too much arguing.” Really. Why does she think the founders divided this government up into three equal partners, and two political parties? So they WOULD argue. So NO one branch or party would “rule the roost.” If one group, or one PERSON had all the power, you have a DICTATORSHIP. Is that what she wants? I don't think so, if she is intelligent. She needs to think this out, a little more.

WHY GUN CONTROL? What is so important about keeping Americans DEFENSELESS against armed intruders? Every law the government pushes seems to do nothing but that. They SAY they want to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” but their laws do NOT do that, and they know that, if they have any intelligence at all. So why do they keep pushing these USELESS laws? The answer is simple: they're afraid of us. They know what they're doing angers us, and as they get bolder and bolder with their excesses, they don't want us to be armed. They know that criminals are illegally armed, but they feel a “kinship” with them.

BALTIMORE HUNG JURY: The effort by the Baltimore State's Attorney to “hang out to dry” six cops in the death of a prisoner, who actually accidentally killed HIMSELF in his attempt to incriminate the cops came to a nasty conclusion. Freddy Gray beat his head against the wall of the truck taking him to jail so he could blame his injuries on the cops, forgetting he had just had back surgery. The jury in the trial of the first of six cops being victimized by her became a “hung jury,” which put the screws to the trial of the other five, scheduled to start soon.

PREACHER CONVICTED BY MUSLIM: That's right. A MUSLIM judge CONVICTED a Christian preacher in England of “quoting the Bible” in his defense of the Christian view of homosexuality. But “wiser heads” prevailed, and his judgment was overturned by a higher court. However, this is an excellent example of what could happen if we allow Muslims to gain important positions here. It's not about their “RELIGION.” It's all about their ideas of how things should be and how they can use those positions to push their ideas on us. The liberals do enough of that. We don't need Muslims doing it, too.

GOP FUNDS BABY KILLING: And not only that, it fully funds Obamacare, after fully funding Planned Parenthood If they pass the latest funding bill (which they did). The Republicans pledged to refrain from even THINKING about impeachment, OR defunding ANYTHING. Now the taxpayer is paying fully for everything Obama wants, even though it';s against the wishes of a MAJORITY of the population.. Who is it running things “behind the scenes” (George Soros, maybe?) who could have accomplished that? Considering what the Republicans are doing, there might as well NOT be a Republican Party! SOME powerful person is “running things” from a back room (or a “high tower”) somewhere. Otherwise, the GOP would NOT “rubber stamp” everything Obama wants. They are supposed to be “the opposition party!

SCHOOL CENSORS “CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS”: They're calling it “offensive” because of the scene in which Linus “finds the true meaning of life” while reading a Bible verse. How STUPID is that? The show will still go on, but it is stripped of ALL references to religion, all because of the whining of ONE person. This is what a great nation has come to, after the BRAYING of liberals everywhere that religion should be BANNED from ALL government-owned buildings, based on a purposeful MISREADING of the Constitution.

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