Monday, November 30, 2015

Demonstrating Their Stupidity

Obama has been declared the “fifth best president in history” by a Texas A&M “study” recently. Notwithstanding Obama has almost completely DESTROYED this country economically and politically. If they wanted people to know how stupid they were, maybe they should have just stood up and said,”I'm stupid.” Their answers in this “study” have about the same effect.

MAYBE THAT'S IT! The most recent Islamic terrorists captured weren't sent to GITMO, since Obama is trying his best (worst) to close it. As a result, they have been tortured by the Kurds. It's orful they should be subjected to the same things they do to us. Maybe that's Obama's real reason behind closing GITMO. Hmmmm....naahh!

BLAMING FREE SPEECH: They still can't figure out the motive for the shooter in Colorado Springs. “The shootings in a clinic and the deaths of two people are horrific acts that everyone with a lick of sense and humanity abhors. But what the Washington Post and pro-abortion advocates are conducting in its wake is an attack on free speech and the political process, not to mention the unconscionable smearing of millions of Americans. It’s disgusting, manipulative, exploitative, and un-American. Shame on them, and shame on the Washington Post for its egregious bias.” (Hot Air) The liberal media just can't tell the truth about abortion. They put enough pressure on the “authorities” that they hesitate to enforce existing laws on abortion (murder) and selling body parts, and then blame free speech when some fool does the expected.

IT'S ALWAYS RACE: When liberals look at ANYTHING, it always includes racism. For them, it's white racism against blacks, which was almost extinct until they started calling everything they didn't agree with racism. So now it's black against white racism, and, like the original racism was, it is supported by law, and presented as admirable. And, due to “political correctness,” you can't even call it what it is. I say, “screw political correctness.” I say what needs to be said.

DON'T PAY THE TREASURY: Some people are sending large amounts of money to the Treasury “to help pay the national debt.” That's a futile move. They just take that money and spend it. And think, “what stupid people.” All this does is give them “incentive” to spend even more money—because it's there. That's what politicians and bureaucrats do best: spend taxpayer money. Paying down the national debt is at the BOTTOM of their “to do” list.

BLAME THE HONEST MAN: In at least two cases I know of, the families of the robbers who were shot by a “concealed carrier” want charges brought against the “concealed carrier” for specious reasons. In one case it was that he “failed to warn the armed robber” before shooting. In another case, where the robber was holding a gun to a clerk's head, they say he should have “just left the store” and left the clerk to die. How stupid ARE these fools?

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