Thursday, December 10, 2015

Obama's Contradiction

He says we shouldn't blame all Muslims for the crimes of a few. Then he goes right on to tell us to blame ALL legal gun owners for the crimes committed by a few ILLEGAL gun owners. Go figure. I knew he was loony, but I didn't know he was a complete MORON! Like most liberals, he never considers the LOGIC of his actions. Maybe that's because he doesn't know what logic is.

DISQUALIFIES HIM? Obama says Trump's remarks about BANNING Muslims from coming in until Obama “gets his act together” DISQUALIFIES him from being president. He WISHES. I might believe him when he says such stuff when he starts prosecuting the fools who exhort people to kill cops. My question is: "Who the hell made HIM the determiner of who is "qualified" to be president?"

THEY JUST MAKE IT UP: If the liberal media can't con Trump into saying things to hurt himself, they just twist what he DOES say and use their ubiquitous questions to force him into DENYING he said it, which they then use to make us think that's what he DID want.. A good example is his comment about BANNING Muslims COMING IN until Obama gets his act together got twisted by their questions into him finding it necessary to DENY wanting to put Muslims into “internment camps” like FDR did to the Japanese during WWII. Interesting factor: FDR was a DEMOCRAT. But nobody talks about that.

IT'S JUST A FANTASY”: Obama's mouthpiece is now saying that “To say ISIL (I say ISIS) is waging a war on the West in behalf of Islam is a fantasy.” tell ya what, Josh. It's YOU who is “living in a fantasy world,” of Obama's making, Obama lies, and you swear to it. I wonder where he finds so many fools willing to LIE for him.

WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY”: Sec. of State Kerry is now saying, “Members of the Flat Earth Society are on the wrong side of History. Come on, Johnny! You shouldn't talk so hard about yourself. The only one on the wrong side of history is YOU. You're now helping that swindler, AlGore make even more millions out of climate change, which is BUNKUM!

NOT ALLOWED TO PRAY: Members of two Christian school football teams were denied the use of the stadium's loudspeaker system to pray before a game. CHRISTIAN universities! How STUPID are they getting? Let's face it. This is a CHRISTIAN country. Just because we don't allow the GOVERNMENT to specify a certain religion doesn't mean we should ignore ALL religions (except Islam, of course).

IT FUELS ISIS RECRUITMENT”: That's one of the most recent excuses put out by the Democrats for NOT doing things to hinder Islamic terrorism. It's BOGUS! What we do or don't do makes NO DIFFERENCE at all in what Muslim terrorists do. Only ALL of us converting to Islam would do so, and then only the kind of Islam they practice. Nothing else will do.

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