Thursday, December 24, 2015

What They Never Mention

Al Sharpie—er, uh, Sharpton never mentions when he huffs and puffs every time a black man is killed while resisting arrest, by a police officer, is the number of cops killed while doing their jobs, sometimes with their backs turned. In 2013, 28 cops were shot down, ELEVEN of them by black men. Sharpton never mentions this. Nor does he mention cops shot down by WHITE men. All he's interested in are the blacks who are shot by cops, be the cops black or white. That's how he promotes his narrative, by “cherry-picking” numbers, as do the rest of the anti-gun fools.

TRUMP FIRES UP JEB'S DESCIPLES: His insults are supposed to “fire up” Jeb loyalists. So what? If they're really serious about being in Jeb's corner, both of them, they wouldn't NEED Trump's insults to “fire them up.” Insulting your opponent is “part and parcel” of election campaigns. They're pretending that Trump is the FIRST candidate to insult his opponent. They say, “You can't insult yourself into the presidency.” Where do they get that? EVERY politician who has ever won an election has “insulted his way” into office.

HILLARY KNOWS WHAT'S BEST: She was asked about how she would handle the fact that a majority of Americans were against gun control (as we know it, so far), she answered, “I know what's best for them and I will continue to work for gun control.” In other words, we don't know what's good for us, and she does. That's a typical opinion of a would-be DICTATOR, and that's what she is. Obama, too. Miss Hillary can stick her “superior knowledge” where the sun doesn't shine..

DO BLACK LIVES MATTER? Only when killed by cops. It doesn't matter whether or not they're trying to resist arrest after being caught in a crime, if a cop shoots them, “black lives matter.” But when blacks kill blacks, they ignore it. They don't care about that, because they're killing their own. They're jealous of the cops for getting to kill them first. It's the heights of STUPIDITY to get mad when somebody says, “ALL lives matter.” When they do, they reveal their ignorance.

RAHM VACATIONS IN CUBA: While people are rioting over the attempt, by him AND his police commissioner to “cover up” a cop shooting a teenager (who was probably a thug and criminal) 16 times, he takes his family and goes on vacation to the nearest COMMUNIST paradise, where a guy like him can feel comfortable among the other corrupt politicians in Fidel Castro's government. His close friend, Barack Obama, made it possible recently by reversing 50 years of American policy regarding Cuba. Being a crook didn't earn that kid 16 bullets, most of which were fired after he was already dead. Talk about "fiddling while Rome burns!"

MERRY CHRISTMAS! None of that "Happy Holidays" crap here. Unlike liberals, I realize that the entire reason for this holiday is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I don't care what anybody thinks about Christianity, that's the purpose of this holiday. And trying to deny that is foolhardiness. I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

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