Thursday, December 17, 2015

Defund the Cops?

That's what a Chicago protester wants to happen. How STUPID is this? Does he really think this would be possible, in the first place? And has he considered the RESULTS of such an action? Without the cops, or somebody else to do what they do, criminals would OVERRUN Chicago, killing, robbing, and generally running things to their way of thinking—and there would be nobody to stop them. They would soon rue the day they thought of this idea. Yes, there are a FEW people who overreach their authority, and the mayor is one of them. But that can be handled without “throwing out the baby with the bath water."

WHO'S POOPING IN THE FLOOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE?” My guess would be Barack. But no. It's one of his dogs. One who doesn't wear suits and offer him advice. Or maybe Michelle, who has been pooping all over our children's lunches in school. Maybe she just “slipped” and let it go at home once. In any case, there's a lot of pooping going on in the White House and it needs to be cleaned up—NOW.

THREE PERCENTERS INSIST: Jeb Bush 's candidacy for president is hovering about 3%. Yet in the latest debate he told Donald Trump, “You'll never be president!” Does he know something we don't about the “underhanded tricks” that are about to be used to destroy his candidacy? Otherwise, why would he tell the perennial front-runner he'll never be president? If he doesn't know something we don't know, it's just “wishful thinking.” I think he's really talking into a mirror.

MASSIVE MISCOMPARISON: Comparing the Bible to the Koran. Why people (other than Muslims) take the Koran (however they spell it today) seriously, I can't fathom. It's the “handbook” for a phony religion designed to be used as a COVER for murder, rape, and mayhem so they can SHUT UP any criticism of the MONSTERS who kill innocent people, DAILY. Additionally, it is designed to cover the pedophilia of it's creator. When we talk about the violence it (the Koran) advises, they bring up the violence in the “Old Testament,” which is NOT to be followed, today. But their advice to commit violence against ALL “unbelievers” is meant for TODAY. There are NO verses in the New Testament advising believers to KILL unbelievers. That advice in the Koran is the “final word.”

IT'S NOT GLOBAL WARMING”: NOAA says global warming has nothing to do with the “insanely warm weather” now. WHAT warm weather? I can't go out because of the DEEP SNOW and unholy COLD weather outside. Global warming religion “believers” take every opportunity to try and convince the world that their “flights of fancy” are true, while ignoring evidence they're full of dung. There are too many fools out there who BELIEVE this foolishness.

BROKERED CONVENTION? That's what the GOP big-wigs are considering, even before the convention starts. A “brokered convention” usually can be declared if the top candidates are TIED, and the RNC head can put forth his own choice (the GOP choice, which has not gotten a single vote in the election process, which means he/she will be the GOP boss's choice, not the choice of the people). To declare a “brokered convention” ahead of ANY vote of the delegates is ILLEGAL, but they'll try it, anyway, That effectively RELEASES Trump from his promise not to run as an independent.

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