Sunday, December 6, 2015

PC Is Killing Us!

Political correctness is causing many deaths. I speak specifically of the neighbors of the killers in San Bernardino, CA, who saw many things that made them suspicious of the shooters as they went about accumulating all the ordinance that was found in their home. But they said nothing because they were afraid of being called “racist.” So 14 people died and 21 were wounded because they kept their mouths shut. It's not the first time this has happened, and won't be the last, as long as the “PC Police are out there.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: This time in Neenah, WI. And I'm waiting (it won't be long) before Obama and other fools go on TV and demand more of the USELESS laws now on the books that FAILED to prevent yet another shooting spree. It's so predictable that we don't need to wait for it, and we can probably tell you exactly what he'll be saying as he works HARD to disarm Americans.

OBAMA STILL CLUELESS: Or is he? The blood wasn't even dry on the floor of the Christmas party in San Bernardino when Obama began his attempt to label it as “workplace violence, even as intelligence PROVING the connection of the killers to Islamic terrorism was coming in. He COULDN'T be that stupid! He HAS to be “in league” with the terrorists and is doing all he can to MINIMIZE the knowledge that such things ARE Islamic terrorism. Politicians in DC are STUPID to believe his damned foolishness. They should move to get rid of this pestilence, right now!

RACISM EVERYWHERE: ...Not. But you'd never tell it from the things liberal imbeciles do and say. I can't even remember all the damfool things they do to promote the (phony) idea that racism is rampant. This time it amazes me at the complete STUPIDITY of people who said a football player who violated the rule of “no demonstrations” in the end zone after a touchdown was not punished because he “wasn't black.” They make racism out of EVERYTHING. And THAT is racism. Black against white racism.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: “What kind of our current “gun laws” would have prevented the mass shootings we have seen of late? Some of the shooters actually got their guns LEGALLY, since their previous records were clean. Others got them ILLEGALLY because the laws prevented them from getting them legally, but they simply got them ILLEGALLY.. What is there about those laws that WOULD have prevented these atrocities? Or did?

OBAMA TO ADDRESS THE NATION: That will happen Sunday night, after the many mass shootings that have happened “on his watch” this week, alone. Who cares? You can bet there will not be anything of substance in his speech. It will be full of blowhard, bombastic threats that mean nothing because people know he doesn't have the GUTS to do anything REAL. He will rant about his ideas of “gun control” and tell us all about how Islamic terrorism “doesn't exist in the United States,” while we know it DOES.

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