Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

None of that liberal “Happy Holidays” crap here! We know this holiday is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and won't deny it in any way. I'm not much on ORGANIZED religion, but I won't do ANYTHING to impede people who are. The current “war on religion” offends me and I will do all I can to fight it.

TRUMP SCARES “EM”: That's the only reason I can see for Donald Trump's treatment at the hands of the Republican Party. It's unprecedented (in my memory, at least) for a candidate's own party to try their best to defeat him, while the PEOPLE of America keep him out front in almost ALL of the polls. Their problem with him is obvious: they can't CONTROL him. He doesn't NEED their money. And controlling a candidate is all important to the “bigwigs” running the party. He has PROMISED to upset their little fiefdoms, and they know he will. It is really STUPID for them to threaten to vote for, and SUPPORT a candidate of the OTHER party, but they have. They're DESTROYING their own party, and they aren't intelligent enough to know it.

OBAMA: “I'LL END ALL WARS”: And he did. In his mind, at least. He ended two of them by telling his troops to “cut and run.” and to leave all their weapons and equipment to be stolen and used against us by the enemy. Which, predictably, was followed immediately by the enemy growing like a cancer and taking over more territory than is ruled by Great Britain. He says, “Bush's war was lost,” which was a monumental LIE. Bush won his war in Iraq in a WEEK! All that was left was "cleaning up." What actually happened, was OBAMA lost it by “running away.”

THE GLOBAL WARMING LIE: Al Gore has made BILLIONS of dollars by convincing lots of gullible people that a ONE PERCENT raise in temperatures over 100 years (which can never be proven wrong by a real study of the temperature because we'll all be dead before it can be perceived). And that it is caused by man and not CYCLICAL, which it is. But he screwed up. It WAS proven wrong by the fact that the world's temperature has NOT increased in almost TWENTY YEARS. He says that's “just a pause” in the trend. But it's a really LONG “pause. Now Obama has taken up the swindle to use in solidifying the power of the Democrat Party. So has the UN, for similar reasons.

ALL ELECTIONS ARE FIXED: They were set UP to be. The process is simple. You're fooled into thinking you get to vote for your favorite candidate. But how do they GET to be the candidate? By winning the “primaries” and being approved by the PARTY BOSSES. Then, and ONLY then do you get to vote for the PARTY'S choices. That's becoming more and more obvious today because of the FEAR of the Republican Party that it cannot CONTROL Donald Trump, thus their efforts to stop him from getting the approval of the party so you can't vote for him.

THE DEMOCRAT SIDE: The “fix is in” on the Democrat side, too. They've been promoting Hillary for the presidency since 2008. Their only problem is that SOMEBODY (probably George Soros) screwed things up, and an unknown (outside of Chicago) senator “came out of the woodwork) with the support of that person's money and “blew her out of the saddle.” Now he's had his 8 years, they're trying again, but will probably be thwarted by her criminal acts, and the Republican Party choice will win—IF Trump goes away quietly—which is not likely.

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