Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pretending You Don't Know

One of the most often questions asked in the media today is, “Why does the GOP hate Trump so much?” Of course, they know the answer: he doesn't need their money, so they have no way to control him—and their ability to control their candidates with promises of campaign money is their “handle” to use in controlling him/her once in office. They're not going to be able to control him so they say they're going to support, and vote for, Hillary, if he gets the nomination against the will of the party bosses. That's the biggest mistake they've ever made—and they've made some doozies. Recent example, giving the liberals (Democrats) everything they wanted in the recently-passed budget bill. They're supposed to be the “opposition party.” But they're NO “opposition.

WHEN NOBODY'S LOOKING: As usual. Obama's “government” Has “dumped” a bunch of Benghazi evidence on Christmas Eve, when just about everybody (but me) are paying attention ONLY to Christmas. Oh. I forgot. The Muslims aren't paying attention to Christmas, either, except where they can cause the most trouble for Christians. They complain when a Christian tells the truth about them, and call it “religious persecution” while persecuting Christians and their activities in following THEIR religion.

INCREASE IN GUN VIOLENCE: That's what anti-gun fools say. They say if everybody is allowed to be armed, there'd be an increase in “gun violence.” They're right. But not in the way they imagine. There would be a TEMPORARY increase whole armed honest people killed of the ILLEGALLY armed criminals who try to victimize them. Then it would end, when all the ILLEGALLY armed criminals are in boxes, underground. Then the honest people truly wouldn't need their guns.

TIPPING POINT”: We've reached the “tipping point” in this country, where one more outrage is probably going to produce a revolt. And Obama is poised to create that outrage. He has created so many he thinks we're so inured to them that we will just accept the next one. He's a FOOL and will suffer when America “jumps all over his butt.” And it's coming—soon. He will be the most surprised when it happens because he doesn't believe it WILL happen. He thinks we are “cowed” and will accept any outrage he gives us. He needs to think again.

I'M GONNA SAY IT AGAIN!” This needs to be said again and again, so I'm gonna do it—again. There is NO constitutional rule that prohibits ANY representation of Christianity in a government building. The only reference to it was in a LETTER between two of the Founders. The only thing the Constitution had to say about it was to prohibit ANY LAW “regarding religion or the practice thereof.” Liberals have TWISTED that to mean that NOTHING about religion can be in a government building. And worse, they've managed to extend that to include CHURCHES! There's no logic in it, but they don't even know what logic IS!

GOPS RAID BAR IN WATKINS, COLORADO: I think we need a new sheriff in Adams, County, CO. Only a fool would authorize a massive SWAT response that included an armored car and many soldier-looking men carrying assault weapons because of a “man with a gun” complaint that turned out to be a man carrying a microphone stand to the band's stage. There may have been some emergency LAUNDRY requirements, too.

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