Friday, December 11, 2015

Just Can't Stand the Truth

MSNBC (Morning Joe) threatened not only to turn off Trump's mike, they threatened to “go to commercial” immediately if he didn't stop talking. He kept talking, and they did it. I guess, like everybody else who will lose a lot if he gets elected, they're so frightened of him they won't even let him talk. Trump called his bluff and kept talking, and they DID IT.
Joe panicked, and shouted “go to break THREE TIMES! This is “Morning Joe,” and he has shown graphically he is NOT to be believed in anything he says. Cross him off your list of believable “talking heads,” folks. Just being on MSNBC would do it for me. And did.

SENT HIM $28G: Somebody sent the killers in San Brenardino $28,000.00 just before they went out and murdered 14 innocent people. Who sent them that money? Why? Was it to pay for their guns and explosives? Was it to FINANCE their “killing spree?” We don't know yet. But when we do, will Obama cover it up to maintain his FICTION that Islamic terrorists are not a major problem for us?

JUST KILL HIM! Donald Trump's opponents are so terribly frightened of him ever becoming president that they don't want to take ANY chance of it. Now they're talking about KILLING HIM. They must be really turning their shorts (panties) brown to go that far. When I hear stuff like this, it only pushes me closer to being in his corner. I'm not there, yet, but I'm moving in that direction.

IS TIME STUPID, OR WHAT? Time Magazine is notorious for naming FOOLS as “Person of the Year” (It used to be “Man or Woman of the Year” before the PC Police paid them a visit). They have named Josef Stalin (dictator of Soviet Russia) and other mass killers to that dubious “honor.” Now they've done it again. The ”runner-up is ISIS Caliph Abu-Bakr Al-Bagdadi. One ot the top men in the ranks of our current ENEMIES who are making war on us for not believing the way they would like.

WHY DO THEY HATE US? Liberals are working HARD to understand why young (and some older) Muslims hate us. The answer is as plain as the nose on their face, but they refuse to accept it. They have TOLD US themselves, many times, it's all about forcing EVERYBODY on Earth to convert to Islam, whether or not they want to do so. And to “take over the world" for their new “caliphate." They want to think it's OUR FAULT. Something WE did, and that illustrates their STUPIDITY.

MUSLIMS VOTING FRIGHTENS ME: There is a majority of Muslims in two small towns in Michigan and, in one of them (so far), they elected four of six county commissioners (whatever they call them). I'm waiting to see the damned foolishness they vote into law there. Immigrating and “breeding like minks” until they OUTNUMBER us in any election is their “Plan B” to take over here, using our own laws against us, if armed takeover is not successful. And when I see the success they've already enjoyed in that, it frightens me. When they get the right to MAKE our laws, we're DOOMED. Hopefully, I'll be DEAD by then.

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