Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Crazy Tea Party People"

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. says, “Let's not nominate a bunch of 'crazy' Tea Party people.” What kind of a FOOL is he ?' Tea Party people are NOT “crazy.” They simply want to get their country back from those liberal FOOLS in the Democrat Party. And they want to wrest it away from people like McConnell, too, since he is a Democrat in disguise.

MICHAEL MOORE A FOOL: And he proves it every time he opens his mouth in that massive body of his. Today he displays his stupidity by saying, “We are ALL Muslims.” I”M certainly not a Muslim, and I would never be. If they want to kill me for that, let them come. Some of them need to get their 72 virgins early, and I'll see to it if they show up on my doorstep. Moore has made a CAREER out of being a fool. Decrying being rich, while making himself rich. He says he'd willingly host Islamic terrorists in disguise in his own home. I'm sure they'd love to put a few bullets into his hide. It would be hard to miss such a huge target.

AM I AN “ISLAMAPHOBE?” By their definition, I am. They apply that label to ANYBODY who tells the truth about Islamic terrorists. But what I am is an “IslamoMANIACphobe!” I am diametrically OPPOSED to Islamic terrorists who KILL people for not being Muslims. If that's wrong, I'm guilty. They use this phony word to stop ALL criticism, and they have been somewhat successful among liberal FOOLS. They're so afraid to “offend” Muslims they “bend over forward” and grab their ankles, and let themselves be the victim of what will usually come next. But I won't describe it. This is a “family blog.”

WHAT GOOD IS IT? What good is it to be in the majority in the congress if you give the minority everything it wants? The minority (Democrats) want to financially support infanticide, so the Republicans allowed it in the “omnibus financing bill” that financed this government until next September. It also funded Obamacare, which Americans have shown their opposition to in many ways as it destroys the medical profession and reduces the number of hours people can work to avoid being victimized by it, and forcing them to seek a second job that doesn't exist in Obama's America.

MUSLIM KNOCKS TRUMP: In a CBS panel, a Muslim member said that, if Trump is elected, the number of Muslim terrorists will skyrocket. How stupid is that? The number of Muslim terrorists is going to “skyrocket,” anyway, with Obama paying their way, disguised as “Syrian refugees.” Who the hell does this Muslim fool think he's kidding? We're not nearly stupid enough to “buy” his crap. Besides—who the hell cares what a Muslim says, anyway?

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