Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Destroy Them!

Don't “contain them.” Obama likes to talk about how he has “contained” the Islamic terrorists (while not mentioning that they ARE Islamic terrorists), as an “accomplishment.” But it is NOT. “Containing” them is not what is needed. We need to DESTROY THEM, “root and branch,” so they can no longer behead adults and children, and screw little boys AND girls. It is Obama's tepid response to their atrocities that has allowed them to grow like a CANCER upon the Earth. And I think that is on purpose.

MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL: The global warming crap (now called “climate change” to better fool us) is “making a mountain out of a molehill.” Even if it were true (which it is NOT), it involves ONE DEGREE of temperature increase over 100 years! Who the hell cares about THAT? And it is NOT “man-caused.” That's MYTH. It is CYCLICAL! The Earth warms and cools in CYCLES! I have said that many times, but nobody is listening. The “global warming religion acolytes” just won't hear anything that shows their FAITH to be misplaced. Even Obama and the UN are getting into the act, because it's a good platform to gain more power and more money.

DENY “FERGUSON EFFECT”: Liberals deny the existence of the “Ferguson Effect,” but they strangely can't explain the incredible INCREASE in murders, nationwide. Nor can they explain the increase in the killing of cops from ambush. It's a direct result of the damned fool actions in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and other places where the cops are unfairly blamed for killing black men while they (not the cops) are committing crimes and/or trying to kill cops, It doesn't matter if the killings of the black men are “righteous” or not, they include them, anyway. To them, there are no “righteous killings,” except, of course, when they kill cops by shooting them in the back.

POLLS WORTH NOTHING: Hillary has been declared the “Most Admired Woman” for the 20th time, and Obama beat out the Pope for the “Most Admired Man” distinction. Just as he got a Nobel Prize “on the come” for what he MIGHT do in the future (which he hasn't done, except for things LIBERALS want). This just proves you can make polls say anything you want, simply by the questions you ask and/or the groups you question. If you ask a bunch of LIBERALS what they think of Obama, or ask some CONSERVATIVES the same question, you'd get a much different answer.

COPS TAKING LEGAL GUNS: Under a new law passed in California (Where else?), cops can now confiscate legally owned guns from ANYBODY that somebody THINKS is a “danger to him/herself, or others,” just by getting a special kind of “restraining order. It depends solely upon somebody's OPINION that he/she MIGHT be a “danger to him/herself, or others.” Not on any CRIME he/she might have committed. Only in California could this happen, FIRST. But I'm sure anti-gun fools in other states have taken notice of this foolishness.

IN A QUANDRY: A gay man was killed by a MUSLIM. Which of them will liberals support? Oh me, oh my! Why should liberals be subjected to this kind of indecision? Their poor heads will explode! It's easy for them to condemn people who aren't their “favorite people.” But when ONE of their “favorite people” kills another of their favorite people? They just can't handle that. So naturally, they'll blame “Islamohobes” for it. Forget that Muslims HATE gays. That doesn't count, for them.

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