Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mostly Muslims

The “Syrian refugees” flooding into other countries are MOSTLY Muslims. That's a FACT liberals can't deny, although they will. Obama has admitted 383 “Syrian refugees” to the United States since the Paris atrocities COMIITTED by Muslim extremists, and only ONE (ONE!) was a Christian. Which pretty much puts the LIE to Obama's claim that most are NOT Muslims. Of course, he will ignore that in his braying to the nation and PRETEND that Christians are more evenly represented.

TALK ABOUT A REVERSAL! Trump threatens to run as an independent if the GOP pulls any “dirty tricks” on him to scuttle his candidacy. He has promised not to if he loses honestly. But now the Republican Party is talking about running a third party candidate if he gets the nomination, and maybe even voting for HILLARY! How stupid is THAT? Either action will GUARANTEE a Democrat victory at a time when we can't afford for this subversive party to win. Either action will cause the GOP to “go the way of the Whigs” and subject us to at least four more years of incompetent leadership.

CRIME: ALL TIME LOW: Liberals like to “fear monger” violent crime to promote their USELESS gun laws. What they don't tell you is that violent crime is at an all-time LOW. Of course, they can't admit that. That would destroy their narrative and further inhibit their attempts to deny us the right to own and use a gun, which is the best DETERRENT to violent crime. Why they believe that DISARMING yourself is the best way to self-defense, I don't know. Unless they're STUPID.

ISIS NOT ISLAM: How stupid is Obama? How stupid does he think we are? He says, “The [Islamic] terrorists are NOT Islamic.” I added that first “Islamic” to his statement, to clarify things. Hey, Barack! What the hell do you think the first “I” in ISIS stands for? What will it take for you to “wake up” and realize the danger this outfit presents to us if you stay stupid and refuse to fight them? You say they're not big enough to threaten us. But if you continue to ignore them and refuse to fight them, soon they WILL be. They're growing by leaps and bounds, mostly because nobody with enough firepower is opposing them. Except maybe for the Russians, or the French in their own country.

WHO TO BLAME? A woman took her car and mowed down a bunch of people on a sidewalk in Las Vegas, once driving around a truck and BACK onto the sidewalk, killing at least one, and injuring many others. Who will they blame? The woman, or the car? If the same people who want to ban GUNS decide, they will order the CAR destroyed, and free the woman, saying, she just “succumbed” to the strain of too much driving. Then they will move to make it harder to BUY a car for ALL. Citing “car control.”

WHY DOES HILLARY LEAD TRUMP? Liberals (and some Republicans, too) giggle because Hillary seems to be “leading” trump in the polls. What they don't consider is that she only has TWO opposing candidates, while Trump has more than TEN to dilute his numbers. After most of them fall out, as they do, one by one, his numbers will change as he picks up their numbers. This is the kind of foolishness that liberals thrive on. They “cherry pick” numbers to make them prove their point.

WHY CAN'T TRUMP WIN? Republicans (and Democrats) keep saying that Trump can't win, even though his numbers constantly prove them wrong. They say it is “different” in a general election than in a primary. They're right, but not they way they imagine. In a general election, they will BOTH have only ONE opponent. Those who say Trump can't win are fooling themselves. They keep telling us he has no platform while he tells us exactly what he will do as president. They IGNORE this, and continue their wishful thinking. Their biggest objection to him is that he is “loud and obstreperous” and fights back HARD. Isn't that what we NEED in a president? Not the kind of WIMP we have now.

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