Monday, December 21, 2015

It's Obama's Fault

He says, “It's the media's fault people are so frightened of Islamic terrorism.” which is, of course, a LIE, among all his lies. It's HIS fault, because he doesn't have guts enough to even call it by it's name! He tries in every way he can to MINIMIZE the threat from them in the media while they rape, behead, and otherwise KILL people (including Americans) randomly every day, for nothing more that not being “believers” in their phony “religion.”. They choose “soft targets” where people are not only UNARMED, but unaware they have been targeted until many of them DIE. They don't have the GUTS to attack ARMED people who might fight back and kill a few of their attackers.

SUBSIDIZE GOOGLE? Naahh! They keep asking how much I would pay to subsidize Google and Netflix. My answer? Not a PENNY! If they can't survive on their own in a free market society, I'm not going to spend a penny to prop them up. They aren't “too big to fail,” as Obama might say. Nobody is “too big to fail.” Many large companies HAVE failed, through bad management and/or the incompetence of their leaders, coupled with the effects of excessive taxation and unreal “rules and regulations” they must follow to please politicians.

IT'S “FAR OUT THERE”: Obama said, in a recent interview, that people who say he is a Muslim and is “in their camp” are “far out there." But they're NOT. It's based on his ACTIONS. Seen by people who can SEE what he does and the reasons why. Liberals say, “Certain people think he can do nothing right.” when it's actually that “Certain people (liberals) think he can do no WRONG!” He also pulled out the “race card,” as usual, saying no WHITE president has ever been accused of such things. He's right. NO white president HAS. But that's because no white president has ever DONE the things he has done.

REPEALING THE FIRST AMENDMENT: The Democrats have actually introduced a measure to REPEAL the First Amendment. It's mostly to CRIMINALIZE those who disagree with the global warming “religion.” They want to make it a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to have a different opinion from theirs on that, and many other Democrat “flights of fancy.” This illustrates graphically that the Democrat Party is SUBVERSIVE to the tenets of the Constitution that Americans hold most dear, so as to SHUT UP any opposition to their damned fool ideas. This party should be forcibly disbanded for cause.

HILLARY LIES AGAIN: And this time it is so obvious she can't deny it. She had the temerity to say Donald Trump was featured in an ISIS recruiting video when there is NO WAY she couldn't know it IS a lie! She has told so many lies she probably can't remember HOW to tell the truth. The video in question DID feature her husband, BILL Clinton, and Obama. Which she ignored, entirely. I guess she figured nobody would notice her lie so she could get away with it. That shows a certain lack of INTELLIGENCE.

TRYING TO BLAME THE RIGHT: Every time something bad happens, liberals try to blame the right. They did it in the Kennedy assassination, but it didn't hold up because “wiser heads” found out the killer was a LEFT winger. A COMMUNIST “fellow traveler.” It didn't work then, and it's less likely to work today, as our ability to learn what they don't want us to know improves, with the Internet and the proliferation of news sources that has destroyed the “stranglehold” on the news of the three main networks. It has been said that “freedom of the press” only belongs to those who can afford a press.” But that's no longer true. Now, ANYBODY can afford a “press.”

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