Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hick's BS Again

I used to like Gov. Hickenlooper (Hickenpooper?) but he has since shown me how incompetent he is as a governor AND as a mayor in Denver. Now he's spouting the liberal line about how the Colorado springs shootings are a result of what people are writing and saying about abortion (murdering babies). That's a BIG load of horse manure! The shootings are the result of Planned Parenthood MURDERING babies! It's unavoidable—at least if you take your Democrat blinders off.

ABSOLUTE, TOTAL STUPIDITY! Republicans are so frightened of Donald Trump that they're talking about SUPPORTING Hillary Clinton if he gets the nomination! Talk about sour grapes! If they do, they can look for the Republican Party to go the way of the Whigs, into the “dust bin” of history, defeated by their own STUPIDITY!. There should be NOTHING so bad as to have one party support the candidate of the OPPOSING party. It's just not the same party as supported Ronald Reagan! They're suffering from TERMINAL stupidity.

CBS FALSE REPORTING: CBS is now reporting that the many videos of Planned Parenthood “officials” blithely talking about killing babies and selling their body parts as being “now discredited.” Only one problem. They have NOT been “discredited.” The words of the PP people themselves have convicted them. It's just like other news sources describing pro-gun expert John Lott's research as “discredited.” It's a case of SAYING it, hoping people will believe it Unfortunately, too many fools do.

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? Anti-gun fools keep telling us that their fool anti-gun laws will STOP gun violence, and they insist on continuing to make them, in the face of continuing proof they don't work. More proof is in Chicago, where some of the tightest gun laws are in force. So tight, in fact, that two of them have been declared unconstitutional by the courts. But still the University of Chicago is having to cancel classes because of threats of gun violence. Go figure.

DOES ROBERT DEAR REPRESENT PRO-LIFERS? Not on your tintype! He might be mad about Planned Parenthood killing babies and selling their body parts, but that doesn't make him part of the pro-lifer movement. They don't condone imbeciles like him KILLING to protest killing. It doesn't make sense. But then, liberals have never made sense.

OBAMA IGORES SPEAKING LIMIT: Obama is INCAPABLE of giving a three minute speech. So predictably, he just kept right on talking when he was “notified” that his time was up when he was making a three minute speech (or it was SUPPOSED to be 3 minutes) at the global warming summit. This arrogant fool doesn't think ANY rules are for him, so he just ignores them. He went on talking tor 14 minutes. I'm surprised he stopped there! The guy pushing the buzzer finally gave up after eleven minutes. They should have given him the “hook,” like they used to do in vaudeville. After all, this whole show is vaudeville.

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