Sunday, December 13, 2015

Carter Did It!

Jimmy Carter banned all Iranians from entering the United States during the Iranian kidnap of American diplomats while he ATTEMPTED, unsuccessfully, to get their release. To his credit, he DID attempt to rescue them (also unsuccessful). But his action in banning Iranians from emigrating to the United States was equally unconstitutional with Trump's idea to ban Muslims from entering until they can be properly “vetted.” But since it was a liberal Democrat doing it, the left was “strangely” quiet. Not a PEEP out of them.

THEY COULDA PREVENTED IT: The FBI was investigating a KNOWN Islamic terrorist organization working in the United States and that investigation COULD have prevented the killings in San Bernardino. But it was canceled, on orders from OBAMA. They even deleted the FILES the FBI has accumulated in their investigation. The excuse was that they “didn't want to profile Muslims.” That's such a weak excuse, it's LAUGHABLE. But it's Obama's story and he's “stickin' to it.”

WHY SO FRIGHTENED OF TRUMP? I've heard a lot of STUPID things in politics, but this is the first time in my memory that a candidate's opponents wanted not only to KILL the candidate, but all his potential voters, as well. That smacks of DESPERATION, to me. They're so afraid he'll “upset their little applecarts,” they'll do ANYTHING, legal or ILLEGAL, to make sure he never gets NEAR the white House. That only moves me closer to voting for him.

WORKIN' HARD TO KEEP IT QUIET: Obama has ordered the “authorities” investigating the San Bernardino killings to “play down” the Islamic terrorism connection. Can't let the truth get out, can we? That would destroy Obama's narrative and show him for the LIAR he is. He's working very hard to protect the Muslim extremists so they can continue to kill people without American opposition or even knowledge.

A RELIGION OF PEACE”: That's what Obama and his accomplices to his crimes tell us, and they expect us to believe it. They really think the American voter is STUPID. And in the case of those who proudly “pay attention to politics,” they're right. That's the only reason they have gained so much power recently. Depending on voter IGNORANCE. But that “sleeping giant” in opposition to everything liberals stand for is “waking up,” and will soon boot them out of their plush offices and send them to the trash pile, where they belong.

SAUDI PRINCE DOESN'T LIKE TRUMP: La-de-da! So what? Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal called the controversial Republican frontrunner a “disgrace” to America and urged him to immediately leave the race. On what does he base this comment? And who the hell gave him the right to even COMMENT on an American election from his plush “High Tower?” So he doesn't like Trump. So the hell WHAT? Who CARES? He can take his comments and stick them where he sits. Sideways!

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