Saturday, December 19, 2015

What're They Afraid Of?

Everybody seems to be against Donald Trump becoming president. They all, INCLUDING the Republican Party “bigwigs,” want to make sure Trump will never get anywhere NEAR the Oval Office. WHY? What the hell are they AFRAID of? The answer is simple. They know he doesn't need their money, so they have no way of CONTROLLING him. And losing CONTROL of the president is DEATH for the top party muftis. They're also afraid he will “upset their little apple carts,” and he WILL. He has PROMISED to do it. So he has to fight, not only the Democrats, but his own party, too. What that means to me, is I WANT him to not only win the nomination' I want him to whip the crap out of the Democrat candidate, Hillary or otherwise.

BILL OF RIGHTS EXPENDABLE? That's what some liberals are saying, because it's the only thing that keeps them from making laws that ENSLAVE us all. They come up with all kinds of good-sounding excuses why it should happen, and liberals everywhere would have the most massive ORGASM they've ever had if it ever happened. Meanwhile, the rest of America would REBEL. And I'd be right with them.

CAN TRUMP BEAT HILLARY? That's a question that keeps being asked, as if Hillary was going to be hard to beat. It's actually a STUPID question. If George Soros wasn't involved, Hillary would be such a “backmarker” there wouldn't be a number LOW enough to describe it. She's under an FBI “investigation” that has uncovered MANY FELONIES she has committed, but so far, nobody has dared to file any charges against her and they still take her candidacy seriously. A Republican with her “problems” would have long since “seen the handwriting on the wall” and pulled out. But not Hillary.

OPPOSING AMNESTY: Liberals are braying out their hatred for Ted Cruz because he disagrees with their pro-amnesty stance. As if he doesn't have a RIGHT to disagree with them. Hey, liberals (Democrats)! He's in the OPPOSITION party! He is SUPPOSED to disagree with your fool ideas! Do you really think you can change his mind, or the mind of his supporters by WHINING? All that will do is solidify their position. What the hell makes you think he MUST agree with you?

ANTI TRUMP HYSTERIA: My Gawd! It's spread to the UK, too! A petition to BAN him from visiting their shores has gained enough signatures to allow it to be presented to their lawmaking body, whatever they call it. Stupidity seems to spread quickly these days. I guess it's the influence of liberal idiocy all over the world. Still nobody can tell me why they hate him so much outside of the usual crap about him being a “blowhard” with no real ideas. Of course, that's a lie, too. His ideas just don't meet with their approval. If he was really such a shallow fool, they wouldn't worry about him coming there.

SUPPORTING A SOCIALIST: The support Bernie Sanders seems to be getting from Democrats shows that the Democrat Party should change their name to the “Socialist Party” to more accurately represent their bias. But that'll never happen because the Democrats don't DARE tell the truth about it. Hillary is as much of a socialist as is Bernie. She just tries to hide it. She's a little smarter than Bernie, but not much.

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