Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Saudi Prince Hypocrisy

Saudi Prince Alwaleed condemns Trump for wanting to keep “Syrian refugees” OUT. While at the same time building a WALL to keep them out of Saudi Arabia. I don't know where he gets the idea he has the right to criticize an AMERICAN presidential candidate and tell him he should “drop out,” but his hypocrisy just makes it worse. Why doesn't he make some noise about a WOMAN having the temerity to run for the highest office in the land, with the Muslim opinion of women?

NOT FACING THE TRUTH: People on “both sides of the aisle” decry Donald Trump, saying that ANY Republican BUT Trump could easily “stomp” Hillary in the general election. What's WRONG with them? Can they really believe that? Do they really refuse to credit the evidence that is right before their eyes, that Trump is a real FRONT-RUNNER and is probably the ONLY Republican who COULD whip Hillary in the general election, even as an independent? They only hate him because they FEAR him. They KNOW he will “upset their little applecarts” and that frightens them.

ANTI-GUN NUT THREATENS SHOOTING: The editor in chief of “Bearing Arms” writes about a female anti-gun fool who threatened to KILL a “reality show” star because he makes automatic weapons and disagrees with her ant-gun stance. Now who is “unbalanced” and shouldn't be allowed to get her hands on a gun? Her, or him? This reminds me of Sen. Feinstein, one of the loudest “anti-gun fools” around, waving a loaded weapon around a room filled with cowering people with her finger on the trigger to show how much she knew about guns.

THEY JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND: Liberals still call for “gun control” (their kind, of course) even though it has become obvious that the entire country is against it, and it doesn't work. Obviously, Obama has no problem “ruling” against the will of the people. He doesn't care what the American people think, he wants it, so that's enough for him to force it on us. He will insult those who disagree with him, calling them racist and stupid for wanting to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, while he goes about with a circle of ARMED men around him, as do most anti-gun fools.

JARRETT TO HEAD ANTI-MUSLIM CRITICISM BAN: Obama's top “adviser,” Valerie Jarrett, will head an initiative to “curb” anti-Muslim sentiment (aka: censorship). Meanwhile, Muslim extremists continue to kill innocent people all over the world, including INSIDE the U. S. A. It doesn't matter to Obama that people are DYING at the hands of Muslim extremists, He thinks that's a “minor problem” and there's no reason to look askance at Muslims. He is a COMPLETE MORON and we'll be well rid of him On Jan. 20, 2017 (We'll probably have to pry him out of the Oval Office with a crowbar, backed by armed deputy marshals).

JUST ONE CHRISTIAN: Out of 2,767 “Syrian refugees” admitted to the United States recently, just ONE was a Christian. All the others were Muslims. That sounds pretty much like an “invasion” of Muslims, to me. They come here with their abominable practices, like “honor killings,” screwing little boys AND little girls, and their HATRED of “Infidels,” which the Koran tells them never to live among. And they will PREDICTABLY try to change our practices to match theirs. And if we object, they'll want to kill us. Especially if we refuse to convert to Islam.

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