Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jeb Criticizes Trump

Because Trump once said that it was “Syria's fight” against Islamic terrorists, and we should let THEM “fight it out.” But that was then, and this is now. Obama has allowed the Islamic terrorists to grow to the point that they are a DEADLY DANGER to us by his inaction and refusal to recognize the threat. He will not even NAME it for what it is. He insists Islam has nothing to do with the terrorists, when they, themselves, insist otherwise. The situation has changed, and Trump has changed with it. Jeb has not. And with Obama letting in hundreds of thousands of potential Islamic terrorists in, even paying their way for some, it has become critical, and Trump knows it, even if Jeb and Obama do not.

IS IT A “HATE CRIME?” Damned right. Three black women in Philadelphia beat a WHITE homeless man to death. They even had help from some CHILDREN! What is there about this that liberals refuse to call a “hate crime?” It's the fact that the victim is WHITE, and the killers BLACK. According to their guidelines, black people CAN'T commit a hate crime. But that WHITE homeless man is still dead. Of course, ALL such crimes ARE hate crimes, so calling it that is redundant.

WASHINGTON POST LIES: To make cops look bad. They published an article in which they listed all the times a policeman (white or black) killed a black man, whether or not it was a “righteous shooting” and intimated it was “bad cops” at fault. The “report” included this sentence: “Although black men make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 40 percent of the unarmed men shot to death by police this year, The Post’s database shows.” What they fail to mention is that 6 percent commits MOST of the crimes, and most of the shootings were “righteous.”

WHY ARE MOSQUES EXEMPT? Cops will search your home or business at the drop of a hat. and sometimes they'll even drop the hat. But they're sorely AFRAID to search Islamic mosques because they're afraid the Muslims there will cry “religious intolerance” whether or not they have probable cause. They have learned how to blunt searches by crying the loudest, even though THEY are the most guilty when it comes to “religious intolerance.” We need to “gut up” and start searching mosques, as France did. They predictably found lots of guns and ammunition that they supply to Islamic terrorists, and we will find some here, too. If we just learn common sense. If we ever do it.

SOUNDS RACIST, TO ME: If the liberals can manufacture racism where none exists, so can I. But the racism I see DOES exist. It is black racism against white people. It is popping up, everywhere. They find racism under every bed. Black actor Samuel Jackson has displayed it well when he said he “fervently wished the killers in San Bernardino were white.” Why would that be so? So he and his friends could “play the race card,” again. Finding racism where there is none. A reasonable person would have NO desires like that. Only a racist person would. And black people CAN be racist!

CLINTON NOT “FAIR GAME”: The liberals want to shut us up when we make ANY reference to Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy. Never mind he was getting oral sex in the White House while a known terrorist waited in the outer office. That if he hadn't been so stupid as to leave his orgasm evidence on her dress, we'd have never known about it, since the Secret Service keeps that sort of thing quiet. But any time anybody brings that up now, liberals “lose their minds” that we would actually bring it up. How STUPID on their part!

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