Saturday, December 12, 2015

That's Not What Trump Said!

Liberals are “making hay” with Trump's supposed wanting to keep ALL Muslims out, but that's not what he said, at all. He made the COMMON SENSE suggestion that we “take a pause” in allowing those “Syrian refugees” in as long as Obama can't figure out a way to “vet” them. That's just common sense. But it makes liberals' heads explode. They have no idea what common sense IS.

MUSLIMS BLAME RIGHT-WINGERS: The author of a book, “The Muslims Are Coming,” blamed “tight-wing terrorists” for the “Muslim problem” in America on CNN, but he couldn't come up with any EVIDENCE. Because there ISN'T any. It's a common thing for Muslim fools to claim such things without taking the trouble to show any evidence that what they say is true. Again, because there isn't any to cite. Liberals are similarly guilty of blatant LIES without any facts to back them up. They just hope we'll believe their lies.

COP WARNS OBAMA: The Chief of Police in Hughes springs, Texas has told Obama that an attempt to generally disarm Americans will likely result in a revolution. He's gotten away with a lot of crap, but he will never get away with that. Remember, the American Revolution that freed us from British domination started over a gun grabbing attempt by the British. And he's right. I'm a peaceable, law-abiding guy, but I'd be right behind the leaders of such a revolution. Take THAT, Obama! The chief says the Second Amendment is, among other things, that allows us to defend ourselves against an overreaching government, and I agree fully with him.

EX GITMO DETAINEE: Ibraham Qosi, also known (as usual--they all have several names) as Sheik Khubayb al-Sudani, is a recent release from GITMO. Predictably (for intelligent people) he is now a LEADER in the Islamic terrorists in Arabia. The group, “Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) just released a video confirming that he is now LEADER in that group. And you can BET he is killing more innocents, or ordering it done by his dupes.

OBAMA ON THE LIST? Has anybody looked to see if Barack Hussein Obama's name is on the “suspected Islamic terrorist list?” If it's not there, it should be. There are more than 100 Muslim extremists working in his administration. 78 of them in the Dept. of Homeland Security alone, and his chief adviser is a KNOWN communist AND Muslim with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a DECLARED Muslim extremist organization.

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