Monday, December 7, 2015

Remove Obama For Stupidity!

Obama is too stupid to remain as president, even for a minute. He's already doing so many stupid things he astounds intelligent people. But this latest is SO stupid, it defies intelligence. Standing in Paris, the scene of one of the worst mass killings by Islamic terrorists in history, he says “mass shootings don't happen outside of America.” This statement, especially in that location, at this time, shows his amazing stupidity.

WOMEN AND CUCUMBERS: Lest you think ISIS is not a bunch of fools, know this. They have made it illegal for a woman to buy a cucumber in the areas they control. Maybe they just don't want competition when they come to rape them. Or maybe it's because a cucumber is bigger than anything they can muster. In any case, it reinforces the idea that they are sorely AFRAID women might do something other than submit to their rapes.

AG THREATENS JAIL FOR MUSLIM CRITICISM: Apparently she hasn't heard about the First Amendment. Or, like Obama, she intends to ignore it, which will open her up to a major lawsuit that will leave her broke. I swear, liberals think they can get away with ANYTHING. But they're wrong. Soon they'll go too far (maybe the AG already has) and will spark a revolution that will leave her and Obama dead, or in prison. These damned fools think they're “all powerful.” They need to be disabused of this notion.

OBAMA: “ISIS NOT THREAT TO US: That's what Obama is saying, and he said it again just before the killings in San Bernardino, California. It doesn't matter what the Islamic terrorists and their “followers” do, he maintains that stance. He is so OBVIOUSLY on their side, it should be obvious to the most ignorant people in the land. But not to most (if not ALL) of our Democrats that he is clearly ON THEIR SIDE.

SHE CAN STICK IT: AG Loretta Lynch has promised to prosecute anybody who says anything Muslims don't like. To do so she will have to follow Obama in IGNORING the Constitution. For my part, she can stick it up her flue, sideways. And so can Obama. I will not obey ANY of his unconstitutional “edicts,” no matter what Loretta promises.

TAKE THEM OUT”: That's what one writer suggested as to how to survive a mass shooting. But he fails to mention how do you “take them out” if you have no guns—which seems to be Obama's main goal: to make us DEFENSELESS in the face of such shooters. Every time there is a mass shooting, Obama goes on TV and whines for more of the USELESS “gun laws” that FAILED to prevent the current shooting. Is he rooting for the shooters, or what?

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