Monday, December 14, 2015

Listening to Our Enemies

If we're intelligent people, we can SEE that the Democrats and ALL liberals are our enemies. They dislike everything about America and wish to change it, regardless of our wishes. So when former Democrat leader Harry Reid says Republicans are racists, why the HELL do we take him seriously? He's a leader of the OPPOSITION—the ENEMY. Why should we listen to a single word he utters? Like Obama, he LIES as often as he can. So we need to relegate him to the “dump heap” as soon as we can.

OBAMA: “TRUMP, DROP OUT!” Who the hell told that MORON in the White House he has the right to tell a candidate in the OTHER party to “drop out of the race?” Only a DICTATOR, or someone who THINKS he is would make the attempt. Just as we should discount anything Harry Reid says, we should discount anything this fool says, for the same reason: it means NOTHING to intelligent people.

ADMITTING THEIR STUPIDITY: White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest ADMITTED the other day that the White House had no idea why so many people are buying guns. Even a half-wit knows the answer, but they don't. That want to have the means to defend themselves against the ILLEGALLY armed “bad guys,” which includes not only CRIMINALS, but all the Islamic terrorists surging into this country with Obama's approval, and many having their passage PAID by him, using OUR money.

MAKING STUPID STATEMENTS: Obama is famous for the STUPIDITY behind most of his statements, but this one if the funniest. He is now saying that “Discrimination against Muslims HELPS ISIS.” What his reasoning is for this stupidity, I have no idea, But Obama has made many ILLOGICAL statements, hoping we'll believe them. Those fools who “pay no attention to politics” MAY believe him, but more intelligent Americans are “waking up” and will soon finish voting his liberal friends out of office, and send them packing.

ANSWERING STUPID ACCUSATIONS: Liberal Democrats keep saying stupid things about the Republicans, and the Republicans keep taking them seriously and answering them as if they meant something. Things like “Republicans are out to destroy women. How stupid is that? Why in the HELL would the Republicans WANT to “destroy women? The same thing applies to their saying that Republicans want to get rid of “old folks.” That's another stupid allegation. Why in HELL would they WANT to “get rid of old folks?” There's no gain in that.

CLINTON BEATS TRUMP: She apparently beat Trump by 10 points in a NBC'/WSJ poll. Liberals predictably will make a big thing out of that, completely forgetting that Hillary only has ONE halfway real opponent and Trump has a BUNCH of them, taking points away from Trump in the overall and diluting his results, while Hillary has one admitted socialist fool and one guy nobody ever heard of outside his own state in opposition in her own party,

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