Monday, December 28, 2015

ISIS Trafficking In Body Parts

Worse, they're BABY body parts! That's just TERRIBLE! Oh. I forgot. We do, too. And half of America APPROVES! So don't tell me about what the ISIS does—besides raping, beheading, and otherwise KILLING innocent people. Of course, that just proves (again) how STUPID liberals are, because it is ONLY liberals that APPROVE of killing babies and selling their dead body parts, by Planned Parenthood. Liberals want to make it a CRIME to expose the baby-killing actions of Planned Parenthood. Go figure!

MORE MURDERS: “Black Lives Matter,” do they? The “Ferguson Effect” has caused more murders of blacks than anything else other than Planned Parenthood (and they hate me saying that because it's true) in gun deaths since Ferguson, and their own atrocity of blaming cops in Baltimore for a death the dead man himself caused. They won't let people say, “ALL lives matter,” because that would destroy their scam. And they can't have that. If black lives matter, why do they support Planned Parenthood, which murders more BLACK babies than any other?

ISIS “HARVESTING ORGANS”: And it's not just from babies still in (and some out) of the womb, like with Planned Parenthood. They harvest organs from LIVING captives to save the lives of MUSLIM terrorists! Even if it is fatal for the person whose organs are being “harvested.” Is there NOTHING so depraved that the Muslim extremists won't do it? And they wonder why some people in America give Muslims a hard time after they've wantonly MURDERED millions of INNOCENT people while blaming THEM for their misfortune. Yes, I know. Some Muslims don't do that, but the things they DO are bad enough. And it's impossible to tell them from the ones who DO. So Americans don't want ANY of them here.

RAPES HER TO CONVERT HER: Sayed Emad Hasan kidnapped a woman who had refused his proposals. And people wonder why people are wary of Muslims. This happened in India. Both had previously worked at a Dell Computer repair center in India. The thing that disturbs me is that Islam would not blame him for this, but would recommend punishment (probably by whipping, or death) for HER for “having sex outside of marriage,” and “dishonoring her family.” No punishment for him. He was only trying to convert her to Islam, you see. Of course, they'll deny it. They always call people liars when they're caught out.

OBAMA “MOST ADMIRED”: Apparently, Obama beat out the Pope and Trump for “Most Admired Man “ in a 2015 Gallup Poll. Damn! Were liberals the only people they polled? They're the only group I know of who are STUPID enough to “admire” Obama after all he has done to DESTROY this nation. This just proves (again) how you can skew polls by WHO you ask. And it's not only consciously.  Sometimes it's accidental. If they'd asked their questions of conservatives, the results would have been a lot different.

IS CONSTITUTION OUTDATED? Atlantic Magazine asked that question recently, in an obvious effort to plant that suggestion in the minds of gullible liberals (Democrats). That's a liberal “wet dream” for the Constitution to be declared “outdated and overstretched.” Then they could get away with things the Constitution stops them from doing, now. Like disarming Americans and making them DEFENSELESS against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals (some wearing badges), crazies, and Islamic terrorists. Or taking away the right to criticize their government. Those things will NEVER be “outdated” for intelligent people.

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