Saturday, December 5, 2015

"ISIS Is Not Islam"

That's what our damfool president says. So now that we have connected the killers in San Bernardino to ISIS, they were NOT terrorism. Forget the first word in ISIS is :”Islamic.” Forget the terrorists, themselves say they are Islamic. Obama can't see his own hand before his face, his “blinders” are on so firmly. He works HARD to keep them tight. Obama is going to be the death of many of us, as he pays the way for so many Islamic terrorists to move here, disguised as “refugees.”

ISLAM A ”RELIGION OF PEACE”: What a LOAD of horse manure THAT is! Their very BIBLE (the Koran) tells them not to associate with “infidels” (unbelievers), and to kill them if you can get away with it. They're told never to “assimilate” into a non-Muslim society and to make as much trouble as they can by being easily “offended” by our practices. Meanwhile they screw little boys (and girls as young as six) and that's a “cultural thing with them.” And they kill their own daughters for being seen with the wrong man or GETTING raped. This is a “religion of peace?” Gimme a break! Now come on, AG, PROSECUTE me!

WHAT ABOUT AMERICAN CHILDREN? AG Loretta Lynch has shown her true colors by telling Muslim children to tell the feds if they get bullied by white people. Nothing is said about white kids bullied by MUSLIMS. Apparently, she doesn't care about that. Muslims can bully white kids all they want, and she won't “come down” on them. Which pretty much follows Obama's policy of protecting Muslims in all things, at all costs, while telling us about her bias..

POLICE FORCE RESIGNS: The entire police force (two people) in North, BC, Canada, resigned after the new mayor put a “gag order”on them for communications with the media, and wanted two week's notice on police public appearances, and she wanted to monitor police e-mails. Which would make her the de facto chief of police. So he resigned, and his entire force (consisting of one man) resigned right along with him. That's what happens when you go too far. Good luck on finding a REAL police chief OR police force.

AG CRIMINALIZES CRITICIZING ISLAMIC TERRORISTS: And she gets to DEFINE what IS “criticism of Islamic terrorists.” Talk about shutting up ALL criticism! I guess I'll be going to prison soon, because I will continue to report the truth about Islamic terrorists. If that gets me prison, that should tell you something, and I'd bet when people like me go to prison for telling the truth, under the First Amendment, a revolution will start. Talk about going too far! Apparently that bitch is worse than her predecessor. Sorry about the wording, but nothing less will express my outrage.

RACIST CHARGE WORKING: Multiple neighbors of the killers in San Bernardino, California saw many things happening that disturbed them, but they didn't report it because they were afraid of being called racists. So the use of the “racist” charge is working for the “bad guys” of the world, and is responsible this time for the deaths of 14 innocent people ant the injuries to 21. By extension, the blood of these dead people are on Obama's hands.

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