Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lynch Went Too Far

In a speech to a bunch of Muslims, she promised to prosecute any American who said ANYTHING against Muslims “that edged toward violence.” Who makes that determination? Loretta, of course! At least two former office holders are DARING her to arrest them for what they say against Muslims. I join them. I will continue to report on Muslim terrorist atrocities, and I DEFY her to prosecute me. Loretta, stick it up your flue! Update: Now she says, "Forget I said that!"

WHY ARE WE FRIGHTENED? The left keeps asking why we're “so frightened” that we all want to have our own guns. We aren't “frightened.” But common sense tells us we will NEED to have our own guns to defend ourselves against the criminals, crazies, and the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands. I notice that most of the fools who make laws AGAINST us having guns are usually surrounded by ARMED security. Such is the hypocritical nature of our liberal politicians.

OBAMA SPOKE TO THE NATION: And I'm sure nobody covered it except for “comedy Central.”: (Stolen from “Shoe” comic strip) Because most of what he said was laughable. The rest was a LIE. He makes a “big thing” about this being a “new phase” in terrorism, STILL without saying “Islamic terrorism.”The nearest he gets to it is to say,” a TINY bunch of people using a 'perverted form' of Islam are to blame." Which is a “pipe dream” he uses to DENY it is a major threat that grew like a cancer “on his watch.” He's a damfool, and we'll be well rid of him (if we ever are).

LESTER HOLT: “DEFINING MOMENT?” NBC's Lester Holt asks: “Will his latest Oval Office speech be a 'defining moment' for Obama's presidency?” I believe it may be just that. It will define, once and for all, either his STUPIDITY, or his “solidarity” with Islamic terrorism. If he is not a “fellow traveler” with Islamic terrorism, he has to be the stupidest SOB on the planet, not to realize what Islamic terrorism IS.

MISREPRESENTING TRUMP: What he's calling for is to stop refusing to accept Muslim entry into the United States, UNTIL the “authorities” figure out what's going on! It's not about religion. It's about keeping a tight watch on a specific group whose members have been wantonly killing Americans, and others, the world over. The liberal media wants us to think it's about their RELIGION. It's not. It's about Muslim extremists KILLING people for not being their kind of Muslim, and not being able to properly “vet” them.

SOCIALISM IS THEFT: Ron Paul got in trouble with the liberal media for saying “socialism IS theft.” IT IS! It is based on THEFT from those capable and willing to produce new wealth, to GIVE to those who DO NOT. Their own motto admits it: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a DEMAND upon the EARNINGS of people capable and willing to PRODUCE new wealth for the benefit of those who don't, or WON'T. That's THEFT in anybody's language.

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