Friday, December 4, 2015

"Fish Swimming in the Streets"

Obama says, “Fish are swimming in the streets of Miami due to climate change.” Only one little problem there: It is NOT true, as usual. As usual, anything coming out of Obama's mouth is a LIE. He really thinks we believe his stupidities. And way too many do. The ones who voted for him, TWICE. For them, nothing he does or says, no matter how bad, can change their minds about their “Messiah.” (Emphasis on the “Mess”)

A MUSLIM WOMAN? The Smithsonian Magazine says the Statue of Liberty was a Muslim woman, because she was originally to be an Egyptian woman (presumed to be a Muslim). But the model was NOT a Muslim OR Egyptian woman, since Egypt thought it cost too much. So an American woman was chosen. I wonder what Muslim terrorist outfit promoted this LIE?

RACIAL BULLDERM: After Obama said if we elected him, it would eliminate racism from the Earth. With his help, racism has become the primary “whipping boy” for ANY criticism of him, or of anybody else who has adopted his racism scam. So we (not me) elected him, TWICE, and to hear him tell it, racism is a major problem in America. He's right, but not the kind of racism he envisions. It is black against white racism, and it is spreading like cancer across the country as he and his accomplices promote it every day.

BECK'S RIGHT: Glenn Beck says "Obama is either delusional, or the dumbest son of a bitch on the planet.” But there's another possibility. That he is secretly ONE of them and is doing everything he can to help them while PRETENDING to fight them. All he does only “irritates” them a little bit while not setting them back a single inch. Why nobody in DC notices, or has the gonads to DO something about him, I don't know.

MAYBE THEY JUST DON'T CARE: The Secret Service is coming under scrutiny because of all the breaches lately in their security. From people jumping over the White House fence and actually getting INTO the West Wing to those two “gate-crashers” who got within FEET of Obama, People want to KNOW why security is so lax. I think I know. The Secret Service just doesn't CARE any more. Obama has violated so many laws they don't want to take a bullet for him any more.

FOOLS IN OFFICE: California legislator Barbara Boxer thinks their “sensible gun laws” are responsible for the lower gun crimes there. She ignores the fact that gun crime is going down all over the country because legislatures are making it easier to get “carry permits” and citizens are “killing off” a bunch of the armed criminals, and helping others on their way to prison. It's good she's retiring. We don't need fools like her in power.

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