Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The "Need for Gun Control"

In his “weekly address to the Nation,” Obama predictably said all the mass shootings are “evidence” of a “need for more gun control.” WHAT “gun control?” More of the same laws that FAILED to stop all those mass shootings and left the victims DEFENSELESS to be shot down “willy-nilly?” He just can't get it through his thick skull that his gun control laws, as we know them, DON'T WORK.

"THIS IS FOR SYRIA!” That's what has been shouted in several Islamic terrorist attacks on innocent people the world over, the latest being in a London subway (which did not feature any guns, so it will be ignored by the media). What the hell makes them think AMERICA is responsible for the “war” in Syria? They started it, and we are actually HELPING them (somewhat, under that wimp, Obama).

RAHM NEEDS TO GO: But will he? Probably not. He was just re-elected mayor of Chicago so it's going to take a BIG crowbar to pry him out of that seat, regardless of the MURDERS his cops have committed—and LIED about (on his watch), while Rahm Emanuel and his cohorts cover them up. His administration has shown itself to be as crooked as has Obama's as president. And he will be just as hard to get rid of. But somebody needs to work on it.

HILLARY: “BELIEVE RAPE ACCUSERS”: Hillary is now saying that you should “believe all rape accusers,: even if there is NO supporting evidence. That is, unless her hubby is the rapist. Then you're just one of her “Bimbo Eruptions.” She doesn't think ANY of the accusations against her “zipper down” husband are true. Moreover, she went out of her way to make us think otherwise. For her to say what she's saying now is UNBELIEVABLE (for anybody but Hillary).

LIBERALS PUSHING CLIMATE CHANGE: Obama, Bernie, Hillary, and most other Democrats are pushing AlGore's swindle, “climate change.” That's his new name for his “global warming religion.” They think it's a perfect scam to use in conning more money out of us and gaining more power over us, using “environmental regulations.” Most of the non-politician/bureaucrat “believers” in his “religion” are just dupes and “useful idiots.” But the number of people pushing it makes it LOOK like it's real, and they count on that, talking about PROSECUTING those who disagree.

DAMFOOL REPUBLICANS: They're so afraid of Trump that they say if Trump gets the nomination, they'll vote for Hillary. REPUBLICANS voting for a DEMOCRAT! How STUPID is THAT? If Trump does get the nomination, that means a majority of Republicans believe in him, so what are they accomplishing? To vote for a member of the OPPOSITION party is TREASON to their own party and anybody who says they will do that or actually DO it should be “drummed out” of the party. Now some are talking about KILLING Trump!

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