Thursday, December 3, 2015

That's Jist Orful!

The media actually REPORTED on Planned Parenthood's murdering babies and selling their body parts, so they're responsible for one imbecile trying to shoot some PP people. Does nobody think anything is WRONG with Planned Parenthood committing INFANTICIDE? Harry Reid says it's all the media's fault for reporting on PP's crimes. I guess we should stop all reporting about the crimes people commit, because it will “cause a backlash?

LIBERALS: “HATEFUL RHETORIC”: They say that's what's at fault for the Planned Parenthood shootings in Colorado Springs, CO. It's a typical liberal effort to divert attention from PP's MURDERING babies and selling their body parts after ripping them off like a cooked turkey (sometimes even after they're dead). It's their “trademarked” response to ANY criticism: blame the people who reveal their crimes and call it “hateful rhetoric," just like there was no REAL; REASON for the reports and they're just “making trouble.” And they think we'll buy that. Stupid! I don't condone what Dear did, but there's GOOD REASON for reporting PP's crimes.

WHY DO THEY HATE US? Why do the Islamic terrorists hate us? That's the question liberals are asking themselves after 9/11. Never do they accept the obvious answer—the one the Islamic terrorists tell us themselves, that they want EVERYBODY in the world to convert to Islam and have Islam RUNNING the world. Or they want to KILL us for not converting to Islam. The liberals go everywhere but there, trying to blame US for their anger. They find every possible thing we do to blame, such as keeping GITMO open (which didn't even open until AFTER 9/11), now that they have all that “oil money” we helped them get to finance it.

NO PROFILING, PLEASE: Word is, a woman in San Bernardino saw something she thought should be investigated before the mass shooting that killed 14 people and wounded 21, but he failed to report it because he was afraid of being called for “profiling.” What he doesn't understand is that profiling is absolutely necessary to prevent crimes upcoming. There are actually FBI departments DEDICATED to profiling, though they don't talk much about it, due to the liberal whining about “profiling” people. There's nothing wrong with profiling. It's how it is used that counts.

BLAME THE GOP: Harry Reid, discredited FORMER Majority Leader in the Senate, is blaming the NRA and the “right-wingers” for the killings in Colorado Springs, CO, and in San Bernardino, CA. How stupid IS this fool? How does someone as abysmally stupid as he is get into a leadership position (for however short a time) as he did? Or is stupidity a REQUIREMENT for it in the Democrat Party?

CHICAGO CORRUPTION: The mayor of Chicago is a MOB member. No, not the Mafia (I think), but the liberal mob which controls so much in this country today. They're conned their way into office, bought some votes, and stolen others. Chicago is well known for their biggest voting bloc being dead people. He and his police commissioner hid the video of one of their cops killing an unarmed teenager and shooting 16 bullets into his dead body for a YEAR. Then he fired the “commish” to cover his own ass. He needs to be the next to go, NOW.

MORE CHICAGO CORRUPTION: In the White House. Today's president comes out of the “Chicago Machine.” He was promoted by someone from behind the scenes (probably George Soros or one of his hidden flunkies or front groups). There's Soros money behind most of the turmoil in this country, today. And Obama operates as if he was already a dictator, who has spent more of our money that ALL the previous presidents, together, constantly ignoring the law as he goes along.

MUSLIMS REJOICE”: As they did after 9/11, Muslims are PRAISING the shootings in San Bernardino, California. Of course, there are no videos of it, so liberals will probably deny it. This was reported by one of their most vocal nemeses, Pam Geller. Elsewhere, it was praised on Twitter, but that account was deleted, and rightly so. Trump's report about them “dancing in the streets” in New Jersey was roundly disputed by liberals all over because there didn't seem to be any video to confirm it. But Trump SAW reports of it in many places, even in the liberal media.

LAWS DO NOTHING: The anti-gun laws in California are strong. But the shooters in San Bernardino where 14 were killed, and now 21 were wounded bought their guns LEGALLY, and passed all the requirements. So what good did all those laws do? The point is, we need laws to PUNISH gun-wielding criminals SEVERELY to make use of a gun in ANY crime so expensive to the shooter that he will think twice before using a gun in the commission of a crime.

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