Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hawaii Won't "Honor" Obama

They won't name anything after him, and he's supposed to have been BORN there. Do they know something we don't? Or do they just think his record is such that he doesn't Rate being so honored? If so, they're right. Maybe Chicago would still want to claim him, with all the criminals there are in their government, but nowhere else (Maybe Massachusetts). I'm looking to see where he goes when he gets kicked out of the White House—IF he ever leaves it. I'm interested to see if ANYBODY wants to claim him.

BEHIND A WALL OF ARMED SECURITY: It really chaps me that people like Hillary and Barack Obama work as hard as they do to make ME defenseless against danger while they walk around behind a WALL of ARMED security. One of the best known anti-gun fools out there, Sen. Diane Feinstein, not only has armed security, she also carries her own gun just in case her wall of security isn't enough. But people like Hillary, Obama, and Feinstein think WE “peasants” don't need to be protected.

YOU'RE PARANOID AND WHINY”: It really sickens me to hear a MUSLIM journalist call us “paranoid and whiny” when we “tighten up” our defenses against the rapings, killings, and beheadings of adults and CHILDREN all over the world, done by other Muslims, simply because the entire world does not subscribe to their PHONY “religion.”. This Muslim woman thinks she was “singled out” to be forced to turn her laptop and phone on when passing through an airport to prove it was what it was supposed to be. She was NOT. Everybody, Christians, Muslims, Shintos, Jewish, and members of ALL religions, or of NONE were ALSO required to do it because of the actions by other Muslims. Wake up and quit whining, woman!

I DON'T THINK SO! Obama says he had to “share” a gym for his workouts between million dollar golf games in Hawaii with Marines. I don't THINK so! If their routine ins followed, that gym” was CLEARED of ALL human beings before he was allowed to enter. So it's doubtful if he was “working out beside a Marine curling 100 pounds” that “makes him feel small.” He IS small, in more ways than physically But the “president” would never be allowed to work out BESIDE anybody else, Marine or not. He's deluded. But then, he's deluded about a lot of things, most notably about the threat coming from Islamic terrorists, in and out of America. Again, he proves he is a FOOL.

TURNING CRIMINALS LOOSE ON SOCIETY: Before he left for his Hawaii “vacation,” Obama turned 100 felons loose to prey on us AGAIN. He's doing everything he can to INCREASE violent crime, so he can use that as an excuse to disarm more Americans and make them defenseless while he hides behind a WALL of ARMED security, himself. Add to that his IMPORTING hundreds of thousands of Muslim TERRORISTS into this country disguised as “Syrian refugees,” and you can count on “gun violence” to increase precipitously in the next few years, while Americans buy guns in record numbers. And he can't understand why. Of course, he'll decry that. And try to enact even more USELESS “gun laws” that don't “keep guns off the street,” but DO make us peasants defenseless against ILLEGALLY armed criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists.

DO WE "HATE" MUSLIMS? No, we don't. Until Muslim terrorists started raping, beheading, and otherwise KILLING innocent people, many of them Americans, while professing their own hatred of US, we didn't even care about their existence. Though why, if they think we hate them, do they rush to move here to live among "Infidels," which their "Bible," the Koran, tells them they must NOT, is beyond me, unless they come here specifically to MAKE us hate them so they can accuse us of "religious persecution" while they persecute ALL other "religions" other than their own, all over the world.

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