Sunday, November 1, 2015

Obama Enrolls Dead People

That's into his “exchanges.” I guess that's only fair, since they all voted for him. And he has to make people believe that millions are “enrolling” in his “health exchanges,” anyway. Funny. He enrolled ME and I was on Social Security and Medicare. I didn't have to do a thing. I had no say in the matter. Of course, that's because I DIDN'T do anything. They sometimes ask me for a payment here and there, and I ignore them and they go right on as if I had paid.

BUSH LAUGHS AT KANYE: Former President George Bush gave a response that was “right on the mark” when he was asked about Kanye West saying he was going to “run for president." He laughed, uproariously, just as I did when I heard him say he was going to run. Some people just take themselves too seriously. West thinks the suggestion of him running for president would make politicians tremble. He's right. Tremble with mirth. The very thought of such a fool as West running for president (or even for dogcatcher) IS laughable.

MAKING PEOPLE DUMBER”: “Cause and effect.” AlGore is “piling on” his global warming swindle (whatever he calls it today to easier fool you). He's now saying” global warming MAKES you dumber.” Actually, it is BELIEVING in global warming that PROVES you're dumb. Not the other way around. The “globe” has NOT been warming for more than 15 years! Yet Gore based his entire multi-milllion dollar swindle on it, until it became obvious. Then he changed the name of his swindle to “climate change” so he could attribute ANY kind of weather anomaly to it. And gullible people (including Obama and the fools at the UN buy it because they figure they can use it to their advantage.

50 TROOPS TO SYRIA: What a way to get our soldiers killed! Send them into a battle zone in such small numbers the enemy (Islamic terrorists) can easily OUTNUMBER them and “kill them off.” I thought it was bad to just LEAVE a small number of troops in Afghanistan to be killed. But to send NEW troops in? This guy is either a fool or he WANTS them to be killed while he CLAIMS to be “fighting ISIS.” I don't know how he can operate with all that blood on his hands.

TOO BIG TO JAIL”: That's what some say about Hillary, which is just as wrong as it was when they said certain businesses were “too big to fail.” What pains me is they're more worried about “getting her” for her e-mail habits, and to hell with her part in getting four people KILLED. NOBODY is “too big to go to jail” when they commit crimes. Not Hillary, not Bill, not Obama, nobody. The idea that ANYBODY is “too big to punish” is ludicrous. If the POPE committed child sex abuse, I'd want to see him in chains. NOBODY is above being punished.

DON'T REMOVE THE INNOCENT: You can't remove the Christians just because the MUSLIMS are being violent. Remove the MUSLIMS! The U. S, Court of Appeals said that you don't remove the Christians because the Muslims are being violent, but they said nothing about removing the MUSLIMS. That's typical, these days. Don't even SUGGEST making life hard for Muslims, no matter what they do. Remove the Christians “for their own safety.” How about the MUSLIMS, for creating the unsafe conditions? But that's the theme, today. “Coddle” the Muslims at all times.

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