Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sending "Demands"

That's what illegal aliens are doing. They sent a list of ten “demands” to Obama. Boy! Talk about getting cocky! I wouldn't think people who have violated the law COULD demand ANYTHING. But that doesn't seem to be the case under that fool in the Oval Office. It seems like he just doesn't have the GONADS to tell them to “go to hell.” damn, it will be good when we can send him to the garbage dump where he belongs (IF we're ever able to do that).

NOT ARMING KURDS: Why not? Because the enemy objects. What the hell do we care if the Iranians don't like it? The Kurds are so far the best fighters outside of our own. As long as they are doing what Obama won't do, we should be helping. Not following “orders” from Iran, who is the ENEMY. Obama is getting pretty cocky in his helping of our enemies. Maybe some day somebody in DC will notice and do something about it. But I'm not holding my breath.

CHRISTIANS, NOT MUSLIMS: Obama says it's “shameful” to suggest we admit Christians, but not Muslims. Christians are not killing our people. Not beheading children and adults, and not raping women, girls, and little boys. They always ignore that fact, and try and get us to consider Muslim extremists in the same category with Muslims. I don't want Muslims anywhere NEAR me because I don't like the way they LIVE (screwing little boys and “:marrying little girls as young as six are a “cultural thing” with them).

SC STUDENTS “WALK OUT”: Then demand to be able to minor in “social justice.” whatever the hell THAT is. Since when do students dictate what the curriculum is? For my part, when they “walk out,” just let them keep on walking, somewhere else, where the people running things are also wimps. Who cares if students “walk out?” Oh. I forgot. They take their (parent's) money with them. Only wimps let the students dictate their policies.

SHUT MOSQUES DOWN: That's what the French Interior Minister is saying. And it's a good idea. If there's no place to stick their rear ends up in the air and spout meaningless “prayers,” maybe more Muslims will leave France—and that can only be a good thing—for France, because most of them are “planning dens” for Muslim terrorists, as long as we keep “hands off” of them because they're “religious sites.” But it's a phony religion, so why not treat them as such. We should do that here, too.

NO LEGAL RIGHT? “Experts” say the states lack the legal right to block Syrian “refugees.” How did such stupidity allow them to be described as “experts?” States have the complete right to block Obama from dumping a bunch of Islamic terrorists in their state. Some governors are smart that way. Others, not so much. Like Colorado Governor Humperdunk (Humperdoodle?) saying his state can offer them “sanctuary.” Look for Colorado's gun deaths by Islamic terrorists to rise soon.

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