Monday, November 16, 2015

Some People Are Just Stupid!

Most Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts are in Saudi Arabia. But the surprising thing is there are almost as many in America. I guess there are “Tories” everywhere. And this morning one idiot accused a Tweeter of misrepresenting a quote by Obama about supporting Muslims when it was quoted fully and it came from Obama's own book! Then there are the people who support Bernie Sanders, The proud, admitted socialist. Some people just don't get it.

DON'T “CONTAIN THEM”: Crush them. Obama says there have been “no changes” in his strategy concerning ISIS after the Paris atrocities. France has no such limitations. They have closed their borders and have gone in and “taken out” the Muslims they have been “watching” as they “prepared” for their own atrocities. They have captured many Islamic terrorists who have been getting together and plotting atrocities. Hopefully, unlike Obama, they will not “turn them loose” after a while, to go back and continue their plotting. And killing.

ISIS VERY COCKY: Because of their “success” in Paris. They've promised a similar attack in other capitals, including DC. It's like a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind. They surprised France, which has heretofore been ambivalent about retaliation for their earlier attacks, and attempted attacks. Now they have “stiffened their spines”, raiding hundreds of KNOWN Islamic terrorist “warrens,: taking DOZENS of Islamic terrorists into custody, interrupting their plotting. America probably won't do that, until Obama is “dumped in the trash,” as he needs to be.

THE DEMOCRAT DIFFERENCE: The only difference between Democrat presidential candidates is the amount of “free stuff” they claim they want to give people. That's all the Democrats stand for: giving people “free stuff” and making them DEPENDENT on the government, hopefully to guarantee their votes for Democrats. That's one reason they've done so well over the years. But now, Americans are “wising up,” and we're going to “dump them” as we should have done a long time ago.

NO WAY TO FIGHT A WAR: Obama says he still is determined NOT to send in any “boots on the ground” in the fight against Islamic terrorism. But he doesn't put it that way, since he's afraid to even use the TERM, “Islamic terrorism.” In any case, he already HAS “boots on the ground.” He just won't let them FIGHT. And he has sent them in small enough numbers that they will probably get wiped out when the Islamic terrorists find where they are. He needs to send in large numbers of “boots on the ground,” and let them FIGHT. Take away the limitations he puts on them that makes it impossible to fight.

TAKE THEIR THREATS SERIOUSLY: ISIS threatened a long time ago to “fill the Paris streets with dead bodies.” And recently, they carried out that threat because apparently, nobody really took them seriously. Islamic terrorists broadcast their intentions on a regular basis, but nobody seems to take them seriously, and so aren't , in any way, prepared. We need to stop “monitoring” them, and take action against them, as France has done, too late for 150 dead people (I've heard all kinds of estimates about the number killed, but this one more often).

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