Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Minister of Climate change"

Canada has created that position and appointed a deluded “minister” who says, “The science is indisputable.” But it is NOT. She's DELUDED to suggest it. “Climate change” is CYCLICAL. It will happen again as it has happened before, time after time, and we can't do ANYTHING to change it. Can it be long before Obama appoints a “Climate Czar?” Or has he already? I've lost track of what all his ILLEGAL appointments are for.

BAD GOP POLICIES”: That's what Hillary blames for the troubles we're in today. Which ignores the fact that most, if not all of the policies she talks about, are DEMOCRAT policies, since they're been mostly in charge for many years. Meanwhile, we have all been suffering because of their incompetence. And she blames Bill's many problems on them, too. Never mind if he could keep his zipper up, there wouldn't BE any problems.

CARSON PEED HIS PANTS: Of course, that was when he was in kindergarten, but that doesn't bother the fools who are “peeling back” scandal after imaginary scandal in their efforts to discredit him. Next, they'll be publishing stories about how he hated girls at that age, as if that's something to be ashamed of. They can't find anything real, so they make stuff up. I don't believe anything they come up with.

GUNS: “POOR DEFENSE” That''s what Law Professor Mary Anne Franks at the University of Miami says. You have to question the SANITY of someone (especially a PROFESSOR) who would think such a thing, much less SAY it. Maybe she could suggest something better? If this is an example of the quality of intelligence in our professors, why do we spend so much money to subject our young people to their ignorance?

THAT'S JIST ORFUL! The people who run the food stamp program are going to start asking recipients (who can) to actually WORK in order to keep getting it. That's jist turribl! Actually asking people to WORK (if they can) in order to receive charity, Pretty soon they won't be able to stand all day on some street corner and sell drugs to make enough money to make what they get from food stamps look like a piffle. How mean is THAT? Sheesh!

DAMN, THAT'S AWFUL! Dr. Ben Carson is a devout CHRISTIAN! Liberals think that's a SCANDAL. That he should have a painting of his younger self beside a representation of Jesus Christ. In his home, they think is a BAD thing. If this isn't ample evidence of the liberal “war on Christianity,” I don't know what would be. Of course, they deny it, while fighting “tooth and nail” against Christianity, and trying to make things like this portrait look bad. I'm not big on organized religion for myself, but I think this RECOMMENDS him as a “good man.”

50 WOMEN IN THE SENATE? That's what liberal Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren says there should be. Does she want to have them APPOINTED, just to “equalize” women and men in the Senate? Maybe women ought to get off their backsides and start winning a few elections. You can't “equalize” men and women in the Senate by FIAT. Members have to be ELECTED, and being elected is the “will of the people.” Obviously that hasn't been the case. If women are HALF of the population of America, let THEM get it done.

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