Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Liberals Are Ecstatic

So are elite Republicans. Ben Carson has risen to be a “pulling away” leader in the national polls. Trump lags behind, though he's still pretty far ahead of the third place candidate. Frankly, I would vote for wither of them, though I favor Trump's “Howitzer style” over Carson's “just barely heard” statements. But that has nothing to do with which one would be a better president Either one would do. But I remember cases in the past where a candidate who finally won the nomination was far behind in the polls. And it's early, yet. Things may change drastically before it's over.

THE $43 MILLION DOLLAR GAS STATION: Building a gas station anywhere but in Afghanistan should cost about a half million or less. This one, in Afghanistan, cost $43 million dollars! 140 times what it should have cost! DOD is “stonewalling” the investigation of WHY, as expected. Also expected is the complete LACK of coverage of this by the liberal media while the Democrats are still running things in DC. It would be good if such things were rare, but they're not. Who can forget the $300.00 HAMMER this government bought a few years ago? In this case, it's not an “Obama thing.” Both sides do it.

DELUSIONAL WOMAN: Rachel Dolezal is white. She can't change that. Yet she wants to “identify” as black, for some stupid reason. Just like Bruce Jenner wants to “identify” as a woman, which is just about as stupid. I'm 78 years old. I'd like to “identify” as 34. But no matter how much I strain, I can't do it. A 34-year-old doesn't (usually) have the aches and pains I have, nor does he have to take 15 pills a day to stay alive. The whole idea of “identifying” as something you're NOT, is delusional and stupid. But liberals “identify” as intelligent, and they can't make it work, either. What's interesting is, I can almost see beyond the female host's left buttock in the clip provided. Which makes her the most successful in doing what Fox seems to want of their female hosts, a la “Outnumbered,” which should be renamed, “Legs.”

DELUSIONAL PRESIDENT: Obama is constantly telling obvious LIES, and expecting us to believe them. Not too long ago, he told us if he could run again, he could win a third term. Then he told us about how he has HALVED the deficit, when he has quadrupled it! He spends a lot of time telling us how “the numbers don't reflect reality,” when it's HIS numbers that don't add up. I guess he just “identifies” as being a competent president. He thinks things are going fine, while, in reality, they're going to hell in a handbasket and we'll all be happy when we're rid of him—IF that ever happens.

FELONIES DON'T COUNT: Obama is to sign an executive order soon, BANNING the check box asking if an applicant has ever been convicted of a felony on an employment application. Which is something the government should not even be involved in. Wanting to know if an applicant has ever been convicted of a felony is an important piece of knowledge to an employer, and to BAN it is not something the president should have the right to do. But Obama does many things he has no right to do. This is the worst lawbreaking president, ever. Most of them do it in secret. He does it right out in the open and DEFIES anybody to do anything about it.

BOYS THINK THEY'RE GIRLS: This thing of people “identifying” with things they're not and being taken seriously is getting out of control. The Obama Dept. of Education has decreed that if a boy “identifies” as a girl, he has the right to “share” the girl's locker room, rest rooms, and even be a competitor on a girl's sports team (forget he's bigger and stronger than most girls). Picture this: your daughter (or sister) sitting naked on a bench beside a naked guy, and it being legal. Or a girl going to the toilet while a boy puts his cell phone camera over the toilet booth wall to get a picture of her with her panties down. But that will be okay, because the Obama administration DICTATED it. Nothing could be more stupid to people with INTELLIGENCE, but liberals don't qualify there, either.

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