Sunday, November 29, 2015

Racist Fools

Those are the ones who are now suggesting that the only reason the shooter in Colorado Springs was not killed—was taken alive, was because he was WHITE. This is a perfect example of how fool liberals make EVERYTHING into racism. They see racism under every bed. Around every corner. In every action of white people, no matter what. In doing so, they destroy entirely their ability to slur someone by calling them racist. They're too dumb to figure that out.

SHERIFF POSTS PATRIOTIC SIGN: The media calls it “politically incorrect.” Okay, so what? I was MEANT to be “politically incorrect.” You liberals, don't let your heads explode. It won't do you any good. There are some people who don't fall for your damned foolishness. And that's what “political correctness” is. It's an effort to censor us, and many people, including me, won't stand for it. Stick your “political correctness” up your flue.

THAT'S FUNNY! Trump's “eligibility” is being questioned—by the very people who laughed at, and ridiculed Trump's efforts to question OBAMA'S eligibility to hold the office of president when there was ample proof he was born elsewhere.. They're saying that, in one state, at least, he didn't PROVE he was a Republican, and that should disqualify him to run. How STUPID can they be? Pretty damned stupid. Stupid is a REQUIREMENT to be a Democrat.

PICK THE NAME: And you can bet liberals, and even some conservatives have used it on Donald Trump. They're so frightened, they've had to hire more cleaners to get rid of the spittle on the walls where Trump is being discussed. Racist, Fascist, communist, wanna-be dictator, you name it. They haven't called him a “baby killer” yet, but only because that hasn't occurred to them. They're so afraid of him getting to be president, they'll do and say ANYTHING they think will stop him, and so far, nothing has even come close. That has them wetting their pants (or panties).

BLAME THE PRO-LIFERS: Now it is known that the shooter in the Colorado Springs killings at Planned Parenthood uttered the words, “No more baby parts” they want to make us think ALL pro-lifers” want to KILL the people at Planned Parenthood. As “one of them damned pro-lifers,” I can say with authority, such efforts are STUPID. But then, the people bringing those charges ARE stupid. We believe in the sanctity of LIFE. They don't, or they wouldn't support Planned Parenthood while they MURDER unborn infants.

FORCED TO DENY HER FAITH: In Katy, Texas, a young girl refused to deny her faith in an answer on a test in school, and was threatened with an “F” grade if she persisted in her answers. The School Board said the teacher who threatened her was a Christian, and the test was “misconstrued.” How that is possible if she threatened the girl with an “F” for NOT denying her faith in her answers doesn't make sense to me, as well as to any other intelligent people. The girl rightly calls the School Board members “liars.”

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