Saturday, October 31, 2015

Muslims Walk Out

They walked out in an Australian school when they played the National Anthem, thus proving their complete LACK of “allegiance” to their adopted country. Yes, I know, this didn't happen in America....YET. But it's going to happen, and not too far in the future, because Muslims are the only people whose very RELIGION forbids them to pledge allegiance to the country in which they live, above their allegiance to their “religion.” This should tell those who THINK that these people will NEVER be real citizens of ANY country other than one RUN by Islam. And should clearly be SHUNNED.

PROOF OF INCOMPETENCE: I think the proof of the INCOMPETENCE of a politician is when he believes in a “fool's swindle” and tries to make laws to promote it. Such is the case when he/she believes in “global warming,” whatever it is called today to make it easier to fool the people. One French “official” even wants to “bypass” their congress to “get a climate change deal” in Paris. Our OWN PRESIDENT has professed his belief in global warming and has tried (sometimes successfully) to make laws to promote it. He even wants to be able to JAIL people who don't agree with it. Then there's his firm belief in SOCIALISM, which is a “system of theft.” Socialism does not work, because it creates NO new wealth. It only STEALS from the PRODUCERS of new wealth.

FANTASY FOOTBALL?” Governor Christie was absolutely right to condemn the media AND the moderators of the most recent Republican debate for being “concerned” with fantasy football when we're many TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, have Muslim terrorists running about, all over the globe, killing Christians and members of other religions not Islam? While Russia and China threaten us, as does that PIFFLE of a country, Iran? All this due to the INCOMPETENCE of the present administration in foreign affairs, and all other things? While there are so many IMPORTANT problems we SHOULD be “concerned” about, but don't seem to be?

IT'S OLD NEWS!” That's what liberals always say when we bring up Hillary's culpability in the deaths of FOUR embassy people, one of which was an ambassador, through her incompetence. They say it again when we bring up her “e-mail violations.” They say it every time we bring up a scandal concerning a Democrat, and they think they can, because Democrats stall and stall, lie, and lie, until it DOES become “old news." But they have made it “old news” by “stonewalling it” for so long, hoping we'll get tired and stop pursuing their crimes.

GLOBAL WARMING STUPIDITY: Global warming adherents (fools) are now saying that “jack-o-lanterns” and pumpkins “contribute to global warming.” How STUPID is that? These people are DELUDED. Every day they come up with something else stupid to attribute to it. And they expect intelligent people to believe this bovine excrement. I've always thought those who believed in the global warming “religion” were demented. Now they've proven it, by their own words. The “globe” hasn't been “warming” for more than 15 years. But that simple fact seems to escape their notice. Because it doesn't agree with their “religion.” They ought to register global warming (by whatever name they now use) as a “religion” so they can get the same special treatment as we give Muslims.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST: We might as well just declare that EVERYTHING is racist, when fools like these put out a “scholarly report” saying that SLEEP IS RACIST. “It’s uncomfortable for blacks to sleep because they are thinking back over mistreatment, thinking back over maltreatment, thinking back over bias they experienced,” Beatty Moody told National Journal. 'In thinking about those experiences, they are getting more aroused, more cognitive arousal, which does the opposite of what you need it to do to go to sleep'.” Which means black people spend so much time worrying about imagined slights that only white folks sleep soundly and well. Sheesh!

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