Monday, November 9, 2015

"Vetting" Dr. Carson

They are really “scraping the bottom of the barrel” in their efforts to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to use in discrediting Dr. Carson. They can't find anything, so they make something up by misinterpreting his words and lying about his other words. He has rightly “called them out” about it. Later he thanked them because their lying and twisting facts resulted in $3.5 million dollars in contributions.

STALIN FOR PRESIDENT: If we take Bernie Sanders seriously in his quest for the presidency, we might as well put up former Russian dictator Josef Stalin, or former German dictator Adolph Hitler for president. The system they favored is the exact same thing Bernie favors: collectivism. Stalin and Hitler espoused different forms of it, to be sure, but the basic theory was the same: stealing from the producer of new wealth and giving that stolen to those who did NOT earn it, and are therefore not entitled to it. The same is true of Hillary. She just denies it.

OBAMA AND NETANYAHU MEET: And it looks, for now, as if they're best of friends. But we know they're not. Obama is still blaming Israel for the “unrest” in his country, when it is the Palestinians, who keep shelling Israel every day, while sending Islamic terrorists into Israel to kill people. Israel's actions are simply in retaliation. Obama is blatantly siding with the Palestinians, who have NO RIGHT to a “separate state,” and never have. Just as he is siding with the Islamic terrorists, everywhere.

PRETENDING TO FIGHT: That's what Obama is doing in the “war against Islamic terrorists.” He SAYS “we aren't in a war with Muslims.” and he's right. We're NOT in a war with MUSLIMS, only with Muslim TERRORISTS, who are at war with US. But, in any case, he's only PRETENDING to fight them. Russia has done more in a month in Syria that he has done in YEARS of “play-fighting.” Sending in only 50 members of the Special Forces is proof of that. They're good fighters, but will be outnumbered by the enemy. That can only get them killed.

NEED MORE GUNS: The recent shooting close to NYC's Penn Station proves again, what I've maintained for years: we need more guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people to counter the guns already in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. If there had been even ONE honest man with a gun there, maybe those two people would not be dead. Anti-gun bigots deny that, but they can't prove it. Meanwhile, people die because of their stupidity.

TRUMP IN THIRD? Not a chance! Congressional staffers, who are deathly afraid of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee are predicting Rubio as the nominee, Dr. Carson second, and Trump third. They're DREAMING! They're “predicting” what they'd LIKE to happen. They know if either Trump or Carson win, many of them are going to lose their little “fiefdoms.” So the very idea of one of those two as the nominee makes them wet their pants (or panties).

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