Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cops in Maine Scared

The legislature just passed a “concealed carry” law that allows honest, law-abiding people to carry guns so they will no longer be defenseless in the face of the ILLEGAL guns held by the criminals. They think that will INCREASE crime. But they only have to look at the neighboring state of Vermont, which has had such a law for several years, and saw a significant DECREASE in crime as a result. But anti-gun fools don't notice things like that. It doesn't support their narrative.

WILL THEY BAN KNIVES? Five people were injured in a knifing spree at the University of California, Merced before the cops shot him to death. The anti-gun fools said, “ho-hum,” because a gun was only used to STOP his rampage. Liberals, if they follow their usual method of blaming the WEAPON, rather than the MAN using it, will probably now want to ban knives—if they notice it, at all. They usually ignore such attacks if it's not done with a gun so they can continue their campaign against GUNS. Use anything else, they don't care.

FBI CHIEF SLAMS OBAMA: Wonder of wonders! An Obama appointee is slamming Obama for CAUSING the increase in crime rates. The FBI director suggests that Obama's action in criticizing police and siding with the “Black Lives Matter” fools has had the effect of causing crime rates to rise. The ”Ferguson Effect,” which he is largely responsible for, is largely responsible. Frankly, I don't think he is “long for this job,” considering Obama's thin-skin for opposition, on ANYTHING. Obama thinks he's the smartest guy there is, and any suggestion he isn't, infuriates him.

MAYOR SAYS, “HOMOPHOBES!” The openly lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, is really pissed! Her pet ordinance to give gays special privileges failed, and she's now calling the same voters who elected her (as a gay person) to office 9 times, homophobes. The fact that this is a PHONY WORD doesn't seem to bother her She didn't get her way, and now she's mad. Just like Obama. Remember, this is the mayor who wanted preachers to submit their sermons to her for “approval. Good thing we don't allow real dictatorships. She'd be “in her element.”

SPECIAL OPS BOSSES RAP OBAMA: They say he is responsible for recent losses by not allowing them to take it directly to the enemy, and they're sick and tired of it. He'll probably fire them. Obama doesn't want to mess up his “legacy” as being the president who ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But only HE thinks so. Real people realize that he only “cut and ran” from both wars, while CLAIMING victory. But nobody dares say so. Like with “the emperor had no clothes,” they are contributing to his delusions.

OBSCENE ANTI-TRUMP AD: Didja see that damned fool obscene ad liberals ran against Donald Trump? It was not only in bad taste, it was “borderline child abuse” to let CHILDREN use such language, and in an ad to be seen by millions. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves to have allowed it. Meanwhile, Trump says it STRENGTHENED his campaign, and “backfired, big time” on it's runners. This only proves how LOW Democrats will stoop to get elected.

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