Thursday, November 26, 2015

Refusing to Lie

Child star Drake Bell, who played in the “Drake and Josh” show on Nickelodeon, is “under fire" from liberal idiots for making a “:transphobic” (another phony word) Tweet about Bruce Jenner, and not calling him “Caitlyn.” Which means he refuses to go along with their LIE. Bruce Jenner is a MAN. No matter how much he might “identify” as a woman, he still has a PENIS (unless they've already cut it off). The only people who don't like that are the fools who think you should be able to recognize yourself for what you WANT to recognize yourself, and not reality. I used to respect Jenner, but no more. And anybody who doesn't like that can stick it where they sit. HARD.

GONNA TALK TO 'EM: Oh, boy! Obama's gonna “speak harshly” to the Turks (in a few days, when he gets around to it) for shooting down that Russian warplane in their airspace. Then he'll probably make it official by sending them a “nasty letter,” in which he won't mention Turkish rebels in Syria killing the parachuting pilot. He doesn't notice things like that.

TALK GUN CONTROL: Obama wants all of us to talk about “gun control” at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Michelle Malkin's advice is to “leave politics out of it.” Okay. I will. I'll talk about all the new “concealed carriers” being trained in proper gun handling and marksmanship so they don't accidentally shoot the wrong person and how to actually HIT what they're aiming at. And I will talk about the LUNACY of the current crop of “gun laws” liberals are now passing.

DON'T CLOSE GITMO: Just because Obama says it is a “good recruiting tool” for terrorists (without mentioning Islam, even though THEY, themselves say it's Islam, all the time). Everything we DO against them could be called a “good recruiting tool” for them. So that's a meaningless excuse. A reason NOT to take ANY action against them. Maybe we should stop pursuing other kinds of murderers because to continue would help create more murderers. Same with burglars and rapists.

IS BABY KILLING ILLEGAL? Or not? I guess it's all in the context. If a criminal kills the mother and the baby dies, too, while he is in the commission of another crime, it IS. But if a doctor crushes an unborn baby's skull and sucks out its brains, or an outfit like Planned Parenthood kills it “selectively” so as to preserve important body parts they plan to sell, it is NOT. That's how it is today, with liberals running things.

GO TO HELL, PEOPLE!” A Georgia sheriff tells people this: “If 'God bless America' offends you, get the hell our of here!” He didn't put in exactly those words, but that's what he meant. That's what we should tell ALL Islamic troublemakers who move here specifically to make trouble by being “offended” by our practices. Our practices are none of their business. Their practices, such as screwing little boys (a “cultural thing with them” but the worst kind of a crime, to us) are things that offend US. If they don't like American ways, GET OUT!

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