Monday, November 2, 2015

Beckel Out of Public Eye

Four months after being fired by fox, Bob Beckel has apparently decided he wants to stay out of the public eye. He has gone to work for CNN, where he doesn't have to worry about being seen by too many people. The worst part of this is that his replacement, Juan Williams, and sometimes Geraldo Rivera, who is equally objectionable to most conservatives. At least, neither of them cuss on the air (yet), although both do get into heated conflicts with co-hosts.

OBAMA TO MISS BOEHNER: It is said that Boehner was one of the best DEMOCRAT House Leaders ever, even though he was supposedly in the Republican Party. In truth, there is a good reason why Obama would miss Boehner. Boehner did more to advance the agenda of the Democrat Party than anybody else, bar none. The Republicans won the 2-12 elections hands down, on the promise that they would REVERSE Obama's political atrocities. Under Boehner's “leadership,” they did just the OPPOSITE. When he announced he was quitting, there was a great sigh of relief from Republicans.

UNIVERSAL BIOMETRIC IDS: The UN plans to institute them for EVERYBODY, and everybody will be REQUIRED to submit to it, because our government, while still under that limp-wristed doofus, Obama, will probably agree to it. The whole idea is unconstitutional, which is why they haven't been able to force it on us before. But if the UN does it with his approval,they're wrong. But they won't realize it until a REAL president comes into office and tells them to “stick it in their tailpipe.”

COCKY BASTARDS: A German Muslim tells Germany, “Muslims are coming to take over your country. Your daughters will wear a Hijab.” What ARROGANCE that shows in somebody whose thinking processes stopped in the seventh century. What he didn't say is a Muslim man will probably rape them, and then behead them. Germany's simplest defenses will defeat them, unless they try it by their current “invasion of refugee” and the German government doesn't “wise up.” They're coming in, in hordes, CLAIMING to be “refugees,” but there are few women and children coming in, and almost ALL “fighting age” men. They know they can't beat us militarily, so they're trying to outnumber us while fooling the gullible liberals.

NO MEDIA REPORTS: In Chicago. FIFTEEN people have been shot to death since last weekend, with literally NO media coverage (except local) at all. Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just three people were killed by a shooter who, himself, was killed by cops, when they (finally) arrived. What's the difference? In Colorado Springs, such things are rare, while in Chicago, the city with the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, it's ROUTINE. That tight gun laws CAUSE more gun deaths is well known to intelligent people, but those pushing gun control have PROVEN their LACK of intelligence.

IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!": Anti-gun fanatics regularly tell us that cases of legally armed citizens stopping crimes with their LEGAL guns, just don't happen. Why then, are there reports of just such a thing happening every day in the non-liberal news? Because the liberal news sources won't report it. Such as the customer in Chicago who saw his convenience store was being robbed by an illegally-armed criminal. So he pulled out the gun he was LEGALLY carrying, and killed him. The criminal's mom will probably criticize him for not WARNING her son before firing. Never mind her son wouldn't be as polite if he saw this citizen had his own gun.

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