Friday, November 27, 2015

Obama Arms ISIS

He has been CAUGHT giving them M83 missile launchers to use on Russian airplanes. Who out there is stupid enough to think they will restrict their use to Russian airplanes? I have maintained for a long time that Obama is in league with the Islamic terrorists, and nobody pays any attention to me. Maybe they will when they get an American M88 up their flue.

CALLING TRUMP A LIAR: I just listened to a show on FOX, fergawdsakes, Where They told us about several places where they think, On very tenuous “evidence,” that Trump has lied. One of those is his maintaining that Muslims in New Jersey “danced in the streets” about 9/11, saying there is “no evidence” that ever happened. So what? Just because nobody caught it on video, didn't mean it didn't happen. He said he SAW it happen. I saw it happen elsewhere, mostly in Islamic-run countries.

TALK GUN CONTROL: Obama says we should talk about gun control at the Thanksgiving table this year. I guess he means that, even if we're dead set AGAINST the kind of gun control he's pushing. Sure. I talked about “gun control” on Thanksgiving. Like TRAINING concealed carriers in proper handling of guns, and how to hit want they shoot at. I'll be glad to talk about those things, not Obama's “gun control abortions.” Not until he gets some common sense.

BLAME ANYTHING: Anything, that is, but what it is. Bernie sanders says the Islamic terrorists are killing people because it's so damned HOT! It's global warming! Never mind it has been hot where they live, FOREVER. Never mind the Islamic terrorists themselves take every chance to tell you they want to kill “unbelievers” because they are not MUSLIMS! Or worse yet, their KIND of Muslims. When are these damned fool politicians going to LISTEN to them and ADMIT the real reason? Or will they remain blind to it forever?

OBAMA LOSES IN COURT: The Supreme Court decided, 5 to 4, that Obama's plan to destroy “Big Coal” through excessive regulation is unconstitutional. Not only that, it's incompetence at its worst (They didn't decide that, it just IS). Coal is a NECESSARY PRODUCT, in use mostly to produce electricity. Without it, they'd have to use gas, at about five times the cost. If Obama had a brain, he'd realize that. Oh: if you haven't heard that, it's because the liberal media has ignored it.

IT'S “POLITICALLY INCORRECT!” So the hell WHAT? The Sheriff of Harris County, GA posted a sign saying, "WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you… LEAVE!" This should be done everywhere. Political Correctness is simply an attempt to CENSOR us, and whenever it ”rears it's ugly head,” we should tell it to “go to hell!” And get screwed first. 

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